September 13 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Iron Fist- Season 1, Episode 5

Iron Fist Season 1 Episode 5
product= PROUKT
estimated= STIMTD
triple= TR*IPL
revolutionary= F-FLGS/NA*ER
supersized= SPR-/SAOIDZ
opiate= OEP/YA*IT
versatility= V-RLT
patch= PAFP
boasting= BOEFGT
faster= FAFRT
absorption= SORPGS
metabolic= BLOKT
synthesized= S*INT/SAO*IDZ
liver= LIFR
enzyme= EN/SAO*IM
inhibitor= KBHIRT
prevents= PREFNTS
tolerance= TLANS
as you can se SUKZ
particular= PLAR
heroin= HOIRN
expert= SPERT
judge= JUJ
worry= WOIR
about that= BHA
anymore= NIM
patience= PAIRBS
virtue= VIRT
like the= LAOKT
first time= FIRMT
how much= HOWFP
can I= KI
order= ORD
opium= OEP/Y*UM
sample= SAFRPL
chemical= KHEM
no need= NOFRN
harvest= HAFRT
foreign= FOERN
countries= KUNTS
in fact= N-FT
about it= B*T
Einstein= AOIN/STAO*IN
epidemic= EPD
in this= NIS
I’m going to= AOIMGTD
federal= FRAL
local= LOEL
agencies= AEGZ
Staten Island= STAENLD
diagnoses= D-GSZ
acknowledge= NAOJ
unfortunate= UFRNT
coincidence= KWOINS
applicable= PLIBL
environmental= VAOIRNL
regulation= RELGS
prerogative= PER/RO*GT
we have= WEF
if you= FU
establish= BLIRB
connection= KEX
emissions= AOEMGSZ
governmental= GOFLT
guidelines= GLAOINS
is that= STHA
heroin= HOIRN
I can’t think= YANG
hatchet= HAFPT
criminal= KRINL
syndicate= SIND/KA*IT
pretty= PRIT
angry= AING
symbol= SBOL
snake= SNAIK
smuggle= SMULG
synthetic= SIN/TH*EKT
apprentice= A/PREN/T*IS
help= HEP
scheduling= SKELGD
scientists= SAOINTS
Red Hook= RED/HAO*K
transport= TR-PT
lunch= LUFP
especially= EP
happy= HAEP
right side= R-DZ
gang= GANG
acquisition= QIGS
have you been= VUB
brutal= BRAOUL
suffering= SUFRG
I don’t feel= YOFL
like it= LAO*IKT
that means= THAMS
balance= BAL
regarding= RARG
discover= SKOFR
ludicrous= LAOUKD
grasping= GRAFPG
control= KROEL
paper= PAIRP
spewing= SPAOUG
poison= POIFN
compassionate= KPARBT
switch= SWIFP
Claire= KLAIR
instead of= STAEFD
progress= PROG
as fast as= SFAFTS
I guess= IGS
I got= *IGT
in that case= NAK
practicing= PRAG
news= NUS
riches= RIFPS
sec= SEK
takeout= TAIK/O*UT
temple= TEFRPL
each other= AOEFRP
couple= KUPL
I see= IZ
what the= WHAT
is going= SG-G
I told= ILT
all of this= AUFLTS
definitely= DAFL
requires= RAOIRS
candlelight= KANLD/LAO*IT
favorite= FAIFRT
before the= BFRT
does he have= DAOEF
I’m sure= AOIMZ
blackmail= BLAK/MA*IL
principle= PRIN
shareholder= SHAIRLD
accepted= SEPD
coerced= KOERS/-D
admission= DMIGS
false= FAULS
any of the= NIFT
individuals= VIDZ
cheaper= KHAOERP
settling= SELGT
release= RAOES
video- VAO
guilt= G-LT
complex= KPLEX
emotions= MAOEGSZ
clouding= KLOUGD
consider= K-R
looks like= LAOLS
attendance= TAENS
wolves= WOFLS
worst= WO*RS
precious= PRERBS
supreme= SPRAOEM
Dharma= DAR/MA*
could you get= KOUGT
burger= BRURG
vegetarian= VEG/TA*IRN
donkey= DO*NG/KAO*E
grandmother= GRO*ER
veggies= VEJ/YIS
distracted= SDRAKTS
attachments= TAFPMTS
indulgent= SBULGT
activities= TIFTS
chastity= KHAS/TAO*E
namaste= NA/MAS/TA*I
believe me= BLEFM
shipment= SHIMT
containers= TAIRNS
boom= BAOM
karate= KA/RA/TAO*E
landlord= L-LD
sink= S*ING
colleague= KLAOEG
continues= T-NS
transition= TRANGS
carefully= KAIFL
consulting= SKULGT
conclusion= KL*UGS
settling= SELGT
mistake= MAEK
manipulation= MIPGS
Lawrence= LAURNS
sacrifice= SFIS
fiscal= SKAL
publicity= PUBT
boycott= BOIKT
impeccable= KB/PEK/-BL
show me= SHOEM
silent= SLENT
neighborhood= NAEBD
target= TARGT
advantage= VANG
machine= M-N
repairman= R-P/MA*N
kitchen= KIFP
I don’t even know= YOEFN
intentions= SBENGSZ
equipment= QIMT
why would= Y-LD
chemist= KHEFMT
collapsing= KLAPGS
stop the= STOPT
exhales= XHAILS
impressive= KBREFS
bedroom= BERM
security guards= SGAURDZ
relax= RAEK
do you realize= DORLZ
metro= MROET
general= JEN
ninjas= NIN/JA*S
along the= LAONGT
invented= KB-FNTD
formula= FLA
export= SPOERT
kidnap= KIP
Sabina= SA/BAOE/NA*
upper= *URP
west side= W*DZ
limitations= LIMGSZ
listen= L-N
businessman= BAM
this is the= TH-TS
better than= BERM
foolish= FAORBL
solid= SLOD
metal= MAELT

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