October 24 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Daredevil- Season 3, Episode 1

Daredevil Season 3 Episode 1
Halloween= HAL/WAO*EN
at the end of the day= TEFNTD
heartbeat= HARBT
church= KHUFP
spiteful= SPAOIFLT
Maggie= MAG/YI
Matthew= MA*T/AO*U
I made= IMD
Electra= AOE/LEK/TRA*
awake= WOIK
how do you feel= HAOUFL
I can’t see= YAZ
I didn’t know= YIN
nuns= N*UNS
discretion= SKREGS
secrecy= SKREZ
communion= KMAOUN/YO*N
we could= WEKD
with me= W-M
collapsed= KLAPS/-D
funeral= FOAURNL
I remember= IRM
crazy= KRAEZ
how about= HOUB
confession= FEGS
Eucharist= AOUK/R*IFT
mystical= MIFT/KA*L
miracle= MIRBLG
devil= DEFL
bathroom= BARM
diocese= DAOI/O*E/SAO*ES
spine= SPAOIN
hip= HIP
backflips= BAK/FL*IPS
convalescent= KAUN/VA/L*EFNT
that I need= THAIFRN
to see= TOZ
can you see= KUZ
about you= BU
Indian= IND/YA*N
memory= MEM
curry= KUR/YI
Jameson= JAIM/SO*N
humiliating= HULGT
Karen= KA*RN
can I get= KIGT
motivates= MOEFTS
ask me= SK-M
closet= KLO*S
alcohol= KHOL
social= SOERBL
addict= DIKT
commitments= KMIMTS
I can’t tell= YAT
I don’t need= YOFRN
ouch= OUFP
manager= M-G
landlord= L-LD
ruse= RAOUZ
journalism= JURNL/IFM
evicted= EFKTD
extension= STENGS
reporter= RORPT
Matt= MA*T/MA*T
first time= FIRMT
irrational= IR/RA*L
so you can= SOUK
music= MAOUK
chapel= KHAPL
mosque= MOFK
Hell’s Kitchen= HELS/K*IFP
laundry= LOIRND
bright side= BRAOITDZ
we’ll= WAO*EL
upstairs= UPTS
Christian= KRIS/TA*N
anger= ANG
sarcastic= SKAFKT
warriors= WAR/YO*RS
storage= STORJ
hint= HINT
each other= AOEFRP
servant= SEFRBT
slaughtered= SLAURTD
welts= WELTS
bloody= BLOID
mutual= MAOUFP
listening= L-NG
for the record= FRORD
appeal= AEP
proceeding= PRAOEGD
setbacks= SET/BA*KS
anticipated= PAETD
federal government= FRALG
accessory= SKOIR
overseas= AUFR/SA*ES
prosecution= PR-GS
discussed= SKUFD
toddy= TOD/YI
sinuses= SAO*INSZ
ash= ARB
cheers= KHAOERS
liquor= LIR
modern= MOERN
medicine= MED
buzzing= BUGZ
swollen= SWOENL
hearing= HAERG
what you said= WHAUDZ
Murdock= MURKD
hero= HOER
orphanage= OFRJ
disabled= SDAIBLD
cowards= KOURDZ
degree= DRE
bravely= BRAIFL
charmingly= KHARMG/LI
simplistic= SPLIFKT
subway= SBAI
beneath= NAO*ET
vibrating= VAOI/BRA*IGT
beef= BAOEF
ravioli= RAF/YO*EL
idea= Y-D
uncomfortable= N-FRBL
underwater= UND/WAURT
incredible= KBREBL
sew= SWE
stitches= STIFPS
practice= PRA
visa= VAOE/SA*
birthday= B*IRTD
goon= GAON
dinner= DIRN
culinary= KUL/NA*ER
talents= TAENLTS
chef= SHEF
skimming= SKIMG
Mastercard= MAFRT/KA*RD
library= LAOIB
if I could= FIKD
rooftops= RAOF/TO*PS
sister-in-law= ST-RL
courageous= KURJ
cancer= KAERN
obstacles= STABLGS
insurance= SNAOURNS
institutions= STAOUGSZ
tank= TA*ING
celebrate= SBRAIT
candles= KANLDZ
Ricky= R*IK/YI
Thomas= THOM/A*S
summer= SMER
pool= PAOL
deli= DLAOE
9 o’clock= K-9
bureau= BRAOUR
I don’t have= YOF
complaint= KPLAINT
scheduling= SKELGD
restructuring= RAOR/STRURG
at the time= TET
vulnerability= VURBLT
finances= F-NS
bump= BUFRP
errand= ER/RA*ND
Federal Bureau of Investigation= FWI/FWI
each other’s= AOEFRPS

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