October 25 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Daredevil- Season 3, Episode 2

Daredevil Season 3 Episode 2 Part 2
where are you going= WR*URG
Albanians= AL/BAIN/YA*NS
Teresa= TER/RAOE/SA*
Wilson= WIL/SO*N
snitch= SNIFP
weight= WAET
weight room= WAERM
impervious= KB/PEFR/Y*US
brilliant= BRIL
fulfill= F-FL
grieve= GREF
very much= VEFP
I wouldn’t do= YAOD
wonderful= WUF
terrifying= TROIFG
there you go= THRUG
between us= TWUS
no longer= NO*RNG
novitiate= NOE/VIRB/YA*IT
catechism= KAT/KH*IFM
confirmation= K-FRMGS
argumentation= GAOUMGS
argumentative= GAOUFMT
sustainable= STAENL
Doris= DOR/*IS
deflecting= DPLEKT/-G
harness= HARNS
puppets= P*UPTS
Adam= AD/A*M
neglecting= NEG/-G
subtle= SULT
carefully= KAIFL
whispers= WHIFRPS
Ramsey= RAMS/YI
appetite= AP/TAO*IT
office= OFS
why not= Y-NT
full time= FOIM
there he is= THRES
pristine= PRIS/TAO*EN
buffet= BUF/FA*I
dozens= DOSZ
collars= KLARS
naked= NAIKD
financial= F-NL
between me= TW-M
real estate= RAE
Manhattan= MANT
heiress= HA*IRZ
daughter= DAUR
coma= KMA
kidnapping= KIPG
respiratory= RERPT
illness= INLS
last year= LAFR
circle= SL-
on this= ONTS
excellent= XLENT
little bit= BLIT
jealous= J-LS
socialite= SOERL/AO*IT
photographs= FOFS
empathize= EFRPZ
superficial= SFIRBL
profound= PROFND
shank= SHA*ING
inmates= NAITS
cooperating= KAOPGT
Vanessa= VA/NES/A*
do you understand= DOUNDZ
target= TARGT
justice= JUS
prayers= PRAIRS
vengeance= VEN/J*ENS
what I was= WHAIFS
silence= SLENS
deluding= DLAOUGD
delusion= DLAOUGS
as I was= SIFS
who I am= WHOIM
cleaner= KLAOERN
fourteen= FOURN
address= DRAES
whiff= WH*IF
grassy= GRS/YI
more like= MORBLG
talk about= TAUB
what this= WHATD
paparazzi= PAP/RAZ/YI
Kevin= KEFN
kidnap= KIP
imprisonment= KBRIFMT
private= PRAOIFT
location= LOEBGS
instant= STANT
provision= PROIGS
prosecute= PR-
federal= FRAL
trickle= TRIBLG
convictions= VIXZ
decade= DAED
civilians= SIFNLS
zero= S*ER
intel= SBEL
syndicate= SIND/KA*IT
injuries= JERS
mayhem= MAI/H*EM
documents= DAOUMTS
data= DAT
corrupt= KRUPT
officials= FIRBLS
New York= NORK
because of= BAUF
shower= SHOUR
counselor= KOURN
Franklin= FRA*ING/LIN
cinnamon= SIN/MO*N
arthritis= THRAOITS
forty= FOURT
uptown= AUPT
think about it= TH*IBT
candy= KAEND
Ruthie= RAO*UT/YI
chat= KHAT
Beyoncé= BAOE/YON/SA*I
convict= VIKT
sensitive= SNEF
organic= GO*RNG
brail= BRAIL
coupon= KAOU/PO*N
fuse= FAOUZ
scholarships= SKLARPS
sandwich= SDWIFP
who I was= WHOIFS
worrying= WOIRG
Marcy= MARS/YI
mask= MAFK
vigilantes= VIJTS
alive= LOIF
ankle= A*IJ
monitor= MORNT
strictly= STRIBLG
regulated= RELGTD
schedule= SKELD
when I say= WHIS
imagine= MAJ
freedom= FRAOEM
precisely= PRAOIFL
reverse= RAOEFRS
prison= PRIS
surrender= SRERND
multiple= MUPLT

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