November 23 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Creed

boys= BOIS
gentlemen= JE
center of the= STR-FT
unit= AOUNT
blue= BLU
Adonis= A/DON/*IS
if you want= FUPT
to see= TOZ
all the= AULT
Johnson= JOFM
you got= *UGT
visitor= VIFRT
why were you= Y*URP
social worker= SWORK
did you say= SDUS
I said= IDZ
I don’t have= YOF
husband= HUS
James= JAIMS
what you got= WHA*UGT
assistant= SIFNT
proud= PRO*UD
champion= KHAON
Apollo= A/POL/O*E
fifteen= FAOEN
Tijuana= TAOE/WAN/A*
Mustang= MUS/TA*NG
champs= KHAFRPS
killer= K*IRL0
I just= IJT
warmup= WARM/JUP
I wanted= IPTD
to you= TOU
did you get= SDUGT
Mexico= MEX/MEX
how many times= HOUMTS
is that= STHA
what you want= WHAUPT
sentence= SNENS
backwards= BAURDZ
better than this= BERNTS
full time= FOIM
fighter= FAOIRT
maverick= MAFRK
insider= N-RDZ
good luck= GLUK
how good= HOUGD
quitting= QIGT
how do you know= HAOUN
do you think= DOUNG
cousin= KUFN
I don’t believe= YOBL
that’s right= THAERT
funeral= FAOURNL
speech= SPAOEFP
solid= SLOD
at least= TLAOEFT
it went= T-FRG
I should= IRBD
what he wanted= WHAEPTD
with you= WU
resemblance= RAOE/SBLANS
neighborhood= NAEBD
if you need= FUFRN
I don’t go= YOG
long time= LONGT
boxing= BOX/-G
origins= AURJZ
element= L-MT
identity= AOID
forever= FOFR
Liverpool= LIFR/PAO*L
England= ENG/LA*ND
heroes= HOERS
boxer= BORX
opponent= PAONT
California= KAL/KAL
American= MERN
Delphi= DEL/FAO*I
trainer= TRAIRN
icons= AOI/KO*NS
future= FAOURT
extraordinary= XROERD
challenger= KHARL
24/7= 24OI7
respect= R-PT
upstairs= UPTS
music= MAOUK
I can= IK
loud= LO*UD
it is= T-S
early= ERL
body= BOED
can I= KI
members= MEBS
when I can= WHIK
double= DUBL
24 hours= 24OURS
announced= NOUND
sue= SAOU
gangster= GANGT
hungry= HOIRNG
let me ask you= SKLOU
if you= FU
I told= ILT
to do= TAOD
woodpecker= WAOD/P*ERK
all right= L-RT
each of the= AOEFPT
heavy= HEF
shadow= SHAOD
you go= UG
from you= FRU
food= FAOD
females= FAELS
do you know= DAOUN
Philly= F*IL/YI
North= NO*RT
wonderful= WUF
neighbor= NAEB
steak= STAEK
pickles= PIBLGS
mayonnaise= MAN/NA*IZ
ketchup= KEFP
extra= XRA
cheese= KHAOEZ
noun= NOUN
restaurant= STRAUNT
too much= TAOFP
electric= LEK
factory= FAOKT
venue= VAOUN
legend= LEJD
progressive= PROFGS
background= BAUGD
language= LANG
useful= AOUF
curious= KAOURBS
I’m sorry= AOIMS
alive= LOIF
residency= REZ
Friday= FRI
let me= LEM
Pauly= PA*UL/YI
happy birthday= HA*EPTD
darling= DARLG
Italian= A/TAL/YA*N
motivation= MOEFGS
honor= HON
canceled= KAELD
I think so= INGS
at the= TE
special= SPERB
to tell the truth= TL*UT
when the= WH-T
punch= PUFP
ready= R-D
chicken= KHIK/*EN
in your= NYOUR
again= GEN
faster= FAFRT
tempo= TEFRP/O*E
build= BL-
slowly= SLOEL
thirty= THIRT
sideway= SDWAI
tea= TAE
title= TAOILT
beat= BAOET
very good= V*EGD
balance= BAL
champ= KHAFRP
weigh= WAE
weight= WAET
corner= KRORN
city= STI
bucks= BUKS
chef= KHEF
pounds= POUNDZ
Philadelphia= FIL/FIL
battle= BALT
refuse= R-FS
serious= SAOERZ
camp= KAFRP
comfortable= K-FRBL
uncle= UNG
tell me= TL-M
cool= KAOL
weaken= WAENG
friendly= FRENLD
what happened= WHAPD
straighten= STRAINT
fighting= FAOIGT
Vancouver= VAN/KO*UFR
in the morning= NORNG
engine= N-J
I don’t want= YOPT
alongside= LAONGDZ
antique= AN/TAO*EK
Frankford= FRA*ING/DL-S/FORD
water= WAURT
bikes= BAOIKS
popping= PO*PG
wheelies= WHAOEL/YIS
Harley= HARL/YI
up and down= PO*UN
what I mean= WHAIM
what do you think= WHAOUNG
stitch= STIFP
pleasure= PLERB
right hand= R-ND
right foot= R*FT
learning= LERNG
apologize= JAOIZ
listening= L-NG
jab= JAB
at a time= TAIT
you ever= UFR
with us= WUS
shadows= SHAODZ
creed= KRAOED
cut= K*UT
gloves= GLOFS
relax= REAK
it happens= T-PS
outside= OUDZ
nerves= NEFRBS
hurry= HUR
fellows= FLELS
at all times= TAULTS
seconds= SEKDZ
target= TARGT
Donnie= DON/YI
shovel= SHOFL
hook= HAOK
mouthpiece= MO*UT/PAO*ES
seize= SAOEZ
sore= SOER
toast= TOEFT
affair= AIFR
foster= FOEFRT
in and out= NOUT
passion= PAGS
infatuation= IN/FAT/WA*IGS
contender= KEND/*ER
biological= BL-L
legacy= LEGZ
damage= DAJ
history= HIFT
certainly= SERNL
discussion= SKUGS
mistake= MAEK
particularly= PLARL
embarrassment= KBRAFMT
negotiation= GOERBGS
clown= KLOUN
millions= M-LS
process= PROS
gun= G-N
do you understand= DOUNDZ
is it true= STRAOU
about the= B-T
meeting= MAOEGT
next= NEGT
months= MOS
beaten= BAENT
victory= VOIRKT
level= LEFL
if I say= F*IS
merit= MERT
afraid= FRAID
taller= TAURL
reach= RAOEFP
definitely= DAFL
dangerous= DAIJS
puppy= PUP/YI
distance= SDANS
walk= WAUK
to the= TOT
feeling= FAOELG
fallen= FAUNL
punched= PUFPD
fluids= FLAOUDZ
tests= TEFTS
in this= NIS
sauce= SAUS
collard= KOL/A*RD
Bianca= BAOE/ON/KA*
vicious= VIRBS
jealous= J-LS
balboa= BAL/BOE/A*
notice= N-TS
results= RULTS
biopsy= BAOIPZ
Hodgkins= HOJ/K*INS
lymphoma= LIM/FOE/MA*
cancer= KAERN
scary= SKAIR/YI
tumor= TAOURM
lymph= L*IFRP
nodes= NOEDZ
chemotherapy= KAOEMT or KHAOEMT
treatment= TRAOEMT
action= -X
recovery= ROIFR
information= N-FGS
diagnosis= D-GS
traffic= TRAFK
senior= S-R
so much= SOFP
excuse= SKAOUS
occasion= KAIFN
attention= TAENGS
what you should= WHAURBD
thinking= THIG
normalization= NOLGS
jump= JUFRP
hospital= HOPT
at all= TA*UL
bowl= BOEL
ahead= HAED
in the= N-T
nowhere= NO*R
hi= HI
pic= P*IK
busy= B-Z
boyfriend= BOIF
they said= THEDZ
I didn’t mean= YIM
I didn’t mean it= Y*IMT
toll= TOL
like the= LAOIKT
I didn’t think so= YINGS
contest= KEFT
ego= AOEG
chemo= KHAOEM
focus= FOEKS
I mean= AO*IM
as bad as= SBADZ
remember this= RERTS
dizzy= DOIZ
little bit= BLIT
church= KHUFP
museum= MAO*UFM
as soon as= SNS
fireworks= FAOIR/WO*RKS
anger= ANG
management= M-GT
classes= KLASZ
temper= TREFRP
contrast= KRA*S
success= S-K
riches= RIFPS
comedy= KMAOED
heavyweight= HEF/WA*ET
spoon= SPAON
memory= MEM
eyes= AOIZ
normal= NOL
ladies and gentlemen= LAIJ
championship= KHAOP
thousands= THOUS
attendance= TAENS
rumble= RUM/-BL
professional= PROEFL
Hollywood= HOL/WAO*D
expect= XEKT
silly= SLI
shorts= SHORTS
mouth= MO*UT
relaxed= RAEKD
major= MAIJ
leagues= LAOEGZ
against the= GENTS
into the= NAOT
referee= REF/RAO*E
return= RURN
uppercut= *URP/DL-S/K*UT
after the= AFRT
bloody= BLOID
vacuum= VAK/KAO*UM
cleaner= KLAOERN
smash= SMARB
pressure= PRERB
logic= L-J
rapidly= RA*PLD
bleed= BLAOED
belong= BLONG
protect= PROEKT
finish= FINS
combination= KBINGS
devolved= DVOFLD
schedule= SKELD
experts= SPERTS
pretender= PRERND
plenty= PLENT
proven= PROFN
match= MAFP
shorten= SHORNT
critics= KRITS
assertively= SAEFRLT
overwhelmingly= WHOEMG/LI
fist= FIFT
promise= PROM
head= HED
instincts= KBINGTS
avoid= WOI
trading= TRAIGD
willingly= L-G/LI
left hand= L-ND
realized= RAELDZ
staggers= STAG/*ERS
baby= BAEB
possessed= PEFD
celebrating= SBRAIGT
dusting= DUFGT
heart= HART
punishment= PUMT
fingers= FIRNGS
how many= HOUM
compared= KPAIRD
can you= KU
back and forth= BO*RT
pitched= PIFPD
warriors= WAR/YO*RS
canvas= KWAS
dramatic= DRAUMT
survived= SWAOIFD
new= NU
applause= PLAUS
decision= SDIGS
division= DWIGS
sensational= SENLGS
is it= ST-
if I can= FIK
twelve= TWEFL
favorite= FAIFRT
I think= AOING
you get= UGT

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