November 30 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Daredevil- Season 3, Episode 13

Daredevil Season 3 Episode 13 Part 2
Tammy= TAM/YI
federal agents= FRALGTS
more than= MORN
charming= KHARMG
nervous= NEFS
broken= BROENG
fortress= FOR/TR*ES
compelled= KPELD
officer= OIFR
about what time is= BHAOIMS
obligation= BLIGS
payroll= PAORL
into the= NAOT
beef= BAOEF
perimeter= PRIRMT
rookies= RAOK/YIS
retired= RIRD
supervisory= SPEFR
Hudson= HUD/SO*N
divers= DAOIFRS
sidearm= SARM
resist= RAOEFT
arrest= AR
instability= SNABLT
technically= TLEBLG
opposite= OPS
redemption= RAOE/DEFRPGS
Catholic= KLA*KT
this time= TH-MT
can I ask= KIFK
no need= NOFRN
fugitive= FAOUJT
in fact= N-FT
smile= SMAPIL
posted= POEFTD
useful= AOUF
violate= VAOILT
privilege= PRIF
husband= HUS
fooled= FAOLD
I have to= IFTD
life insurance policy= LURP
birdies= BIRD/YIS
replace= PLAEFR
declaration= DLAIRGS
coerced= KOERS/-D
Ramsey= RAMS/YI
O’Connor= O/KON/O*R
Johnson= JOFN
kitchen= KIFP
handgun= H-G
aided and abetted= AIBTD
aiding and abetting= AIBGT
guilty= GELT
video= VAO
attorneys= TOERNS
through this= THRUTS
of this= -FTS
hearsay= HAOERS
admissible= DMIFBL
silver= SIFRL
bullet BULT
incentive= SNEFNT
and you think= SKPUNG
testimony= T-M
sickness= SNES
invite= VAOIT
floor= FLAOR
staring= STAERG
ballroom= BL-RM
protocols= PROELTS
to us= TOUS
discredit= SKRED
circulate= SL-T
arriving= RAOIFG
elevators= L-FRTS
about you= BU
cell= KREL
do you think= DOUNG
he told= ELT
years ago= Y-RGS
when this= WH-TS
generous= JERNS
errors= RORS
nun= NUN
helping= HEPG
what I was= WHAIFS
Hell’s Kitchen= HELS/K*IFP
welcomed= WEMD
or not= ORNT
who were= WHORP
requirement= RAOIRMT
suggestion= SUGS
communion= KMAOUN/YO*N
individuals= VIDZ
fear= FAOER
legacy= LEGZ
Blake= BLAIK
on the other hand= OERND
have you= VU
talk about it= TA*UBT
malignant= MALGT
State of New York= STOERK
inspiration= SNIRGS
voting= VOEGT
stapled= STAIPLD
Christmas= KMAS
Tampa= TAM/PA*
grandkids= GRAND/K*IDZ
prosecute= PR-
what about= WHAB
medicinal= MA/DIS/NAL
corroborated= KROBD
bridge= BRIJ
how long= HOUNG
apartment= PARMT
healthier= HOIRLT
mooch= MAOFP
napkin= NAP/K*IN
Jessica= JEFK
Jones= JOENS
chickens= KHIK/*ENS
what do you think= WHAOUNG
paralyzed= PARLDZ
permanently= PLERM
cadaver= KAFRD
material= TAOERL
construction= KRUX
Cognium= KOG/NAOE/Y*UM
vertebrae= VERT/BRA*I
framework= FRAIM/WO*RK
reconstruction= RAOE/KRUX
accident= SD-

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