December 23 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations: Jimmy Carter

Oprah Winfrey Jimmy Carter
Jimmy= J*IM/YI
Carter= KA*ERT
lifelong= LAOIFNG
Noble Peace Prize= NOEBL/PAES/PRAOIZ
Rose= RO*EZ
Lynn= L*IN
2002= TWAOU
faith= FA*IT
lens= LENS
Sunday= SUND
spirituality= SPIRLT
enacted= NAKTD
helicopter= HEL/KO*RPT
White House= WHOUS
chopper= KHORP
exhilaration= S*ILGS
hostages= HOFJS
released= RAOEFD
November= NOEF
Americans= MERNS
Iranian= AOI/RAIN/YA*N
crisis= KRAOIZ
president= PREZ
negotiating= GOERBGT
o’clock= KL-K
secret= SKRET
service= SEFS
Germany= GERM/NAO*E
schedule= SKELD
Iran= AOI/RA*N
Reagan= RA*ENG
react= RAOEKT
status= STAUS
ayatollah= AOI/TOEL/LA*
militarily= MILT/LI
injured= J*URD
Christian= KRIS/TA*N
church= KHUFP
camp= KAFRP
David= DAIFD
accords= KAORDZ
fervent= FEFRNT
influence= FLUNS
enhance= KBHANS
kingdom= KING/DO*M
alleviation= LAEFGS
suffering= SUFRG
human rights= HAOURTS
politics= PLIKS
culture= KLUR
wisely= WAOILZ
maximum= MAX
element= L-MT
humility= HAO*UMT
governor= GOFR
military= MILT
avoid= WOI
because of= BAUF
commitment= KMIMT
Sadat= SA/DA*T
Georgia= GA/GA
registered= REJD
nurse= NURS
devout= DWOUT
wrestled= WREFLTD
fishing= F*IRBG
hunting= HUNGT
alien= AIL/Y*EN
African American= FRIM
defer= DEFR
they were= THERP
retrospect= ROERT/SPEKT
obey= BOEB
parents= PARNTS
prompting= PROMGT
command= KMAN
transformed= TR-FRMD
at that= TA
silent= SLENT
uncle= UNG
mother= MOER
distinction= DINGS
community= KMAOUNT
affairs= AIFRS
pallet= PLET
Rachel= RA*IFPL
divide= DWAOI
racism= RAIFM
exhortation= XHORGS
submarine= SUB/MRAO*EN
civil rights= SIFRLTS
Johnson= JOFN
relief= RAOEFL
discrimination= SKRIMGS
police= PLIS
activity= TIFT
innocent= N-NT
to go= TOG
overcome= VUM
handicap= H-K
what do you think= WHAOUNG
ascendent= A/SEND/*ENT
ethical= TH*EBLG
declaration= DLARGS
abandoned= BAUND
equity= EKT
inequity= NEK/W*IT
obviously= OEFLS
do you feel= DOUFL
during the= DURGT
powerful= POUF
total= TOELT
challenging= KHALG
adventurous= DWURS
unpredictable= UN/PRIKT/-BL
millions= M-LS
individual= VID
tiny= TOIN
villages= VILS
diseases= D-SZ
eradicated= RAEKTD
smallpox= SMAUL/PO*X
laurels= LAURLS
traveling= TRAFLG
harshly= HA*RBL
did you= SDU
yourself= YOURZ
gratitude= GRAOUD
modicum= MOD/K*UM
satisfaction= SAEFGS
accomplished= PLIRBD
peace= PAES
promoted= PROEMTD
accurately= KRALT
reward= RAURD
to believe= TOBL
yes, I did= YID
baptist= BAFPT
2000= TWOUD
Orlando= OR/LAN/DO*E
Florida= FLA/FLA
basic= BAIFK
inferior= FAOR
leadership= LOIP
deacon= DAOE/KO*N
convention= KWENGS
I believe= AOIBL
serious= SAOERZ
knowledge= NOJ
intelligence= TEJS
experience= XERNS
in my= NAOI
African= FRIN
navel= NAEFL
Navy= NA*EF
lessons= LEFNS
episcopal= AOE/PIS/KA/PA*L
testament= TEFMT
definitions= DPINGSZ
Eros= ER/RO*ES
friendship= FROIP
animal= ANL
agape= A/GAP/YI
philanthropic= FIL/THROP/*IK
damage= DAJ
moral= MORL
oligarch= OL/GA*RK
essence= SEFNS
high school= HAOL
accommodate= KOMT
principles= PRINZ
expand= XAND
failure= FLUR
values= VALS
daily= DAIL
secular= SEK/LA*R
religious= R-JS
Cuban= KAOU/BA*N
Cruz= KRUZ
theology= THAOELG
constant= SKANT
reminder= RAOIRMD
when you= WHU
attitude= TAOUD
habitat= HAB/TA*T
decent= DAOENT
comprehend= KPREN
ambitions= BIGSZ
together= TOGT
anniversary= AN/VA*ERS
chapter= KHARPT
campaign= KPAIN
passage= PAFJ
they would= THELD
pageant= PAENGT
beauty= BOIT
invited= VAOITD
Annapolis= A/NAP/L*IS
isolation= SOELGS
movie= MO*EF
that’s right= THAERT
Smith= SM*IT
did you think= SDUNG
what was= WHAFS
what was it= WHA*FTS
quiet= QAET
timid= TIMD
I can’t= YA
months= MOS
Lincoln= L*ING/O*N
marry= MAER
and she said= SKPHAOEDZ
maintained= MAINTD
promised= PROMD
college= KLEJ
Gary= GA*ER
essentially= SERBL
inevitable= NEFBL
to do= TAOD
struggled= STRUGD
avid= A*FD
fishers= FRIRBS
skis= SKAOES
grandchildren= GRIRN
ritual= RIFPLT
breakfast= BREFS
first thing= FIRG
coffee= KO*EF
orange= ORNG
juice= JAOUS
and I get= SKPIGT
I went= IFRG
August= AUG
birthday= B*IRTD
computer= KPAOURT
laugh= LAF
proud= PRO*UD

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