November 4 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations: Rainn Wilson

Oprah Winfrey and Rainn Wilson
artfully= ART/FLI
pancake= PAN/KA*IK
thoughtfully= THOUFL
delight= DLAOIT
Chicago= KHI/KHI
high school= HAOL
actor= ARKT
temple= TEFRPL
Bahai= BA/HA/YI or BA/HAO*I
mystery= STRAOE
worship= WOFRP
Illinois= IL/IL
patrolling= TROELG
gawky= GAUK/YI
acne= AK/NAO*E
bespeckle= BAOE/SP*EBLG
unity= YAOUNT
religion= R-J
Zoroaster= SO*R/AS/T*ER
Abraham= AIB/HA*M
Buddha= BAOU/DA*
Jesus= JAOEZ
Muhammad= MAOU/HA/MA*D
divine= DWAOIN
geography= G-F
manifestation= MEFGS
miracle= MIRBLG
tenet= TEN/*ET
creed= KRAOED
background= BAUGD
infuses= NAOUFS
annoying= NOIG
geek= GAOEK
eccentric= AOE/STRIK
weirdos= WERD/O*ES
canvas= KWAS
church= KHUFP
tingle= TING/*L
creative= KRAOEF
creativity= KRAOEFT
mystical= MIFBLGT
emulating= EM/LA*IGT
ultimate= ULT
testament= TEFMT
quality= QALT
human beings= HAOUBS
airy= AIR/YI
fairy= FAIR/YI
celebrity= SBRIT
spiritual= SPIRL
charities= KHAIRTS
father= FA*ER
husband= HUS
when I= WHI
kind of= KAOIF
twenties= TWENTS
thirties= THIRTS
pregnant= PREG
crystals= KRIFLTS
aura= AUR/A*
cringe= KRING
crank= KRA*ING
nirvana= NIR/VA/NA*
organized= ORGD
hippie= HIP/YI
receptive= REFPT
greater= GRAERT
Devin= DEF/*IN
Joshua= JORB/WA*
we get= WEGT
recognizable= REK/-BL
gradual= GRAUL
social= SOERBL
networking= TWORK/-G
what happens= WHAPS
cynical= SIN/KA*L
sarcastic= SKAFKT or SARKT
mixture= MURX
online= AONL
community= KMAOUNT
Nepal= NAI/PA*L
South Africa= SO*UT/FRIK
Harry= HA*R/RAO*E
journey= JOIRN
Walker= WA*URK
holy= HOIL
Koran= KOR/RA*N
have you been= VUB
discourage= DURJ
disingenuous= DIZ/IN/JEN/Y*US
potential= POERB
economy= KME
Israel= IZ/RA*EL
Tina= TAOE/NA*
stilettos= STA/LET/O*ES
bagels= BAELGS
starvation= STAFRBGS
that’s right= THAERT
film= FIM
awake= WOIK
awaken= WOING
encounter= KBOURNT
irreverent= IR/R*EFNT
Williamson= WL-M/SO*N
actions= -XZ
beautiful= BAOUF
percentage= PERJ
profound= PROFND
Gene= GAO*EN
Siskel= SIS/K*EL
magazine= MAG
kiwi= KAOE/WAO*E
guitar= GA/TA*R
Radiohead= RAO/H*ED

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October 28 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations: Mitch Albom

SuperSoul Sunday Mitch Albom
publisher= PL-RB/*ER
Tuesdays= TAOUSZ
honestly= HONLS
memoir= MEM/WA*R
twenty= TWENT
professor= PROEFR
wisdom= WIZ
anniversary= AN/VERS/RAO*E
remind= RAOIMD
insight= IN/SAOIT
transform= TR-FRM
profound= PROEFND
spiritual= SPIRL
wayward= WAI/WA*RD
someone= SWUN
tiny= TOIN
teacher= TAOEFRP
recommend= REM
anticipated= PAETD
reflect= REFKT
universal= AOUFRLS
Thailand= TAOI/LA*ND
Australia= AUS/AUS
student= STAOUNT
medical bills= M-BLS
idea= Y-D
depressing= DPREFG
Ted= TED
Koppel= KOP/*EL
I believe= AOIBL
divine= DWAOIN
order= ORD
providence= PROF/D*ENS
decision= SDIGS
coach= KOEFP
guilt= G-LT
powerful= POUF
motivator= MOEFT/O*R
dashboard= DBAORD
at that point= THOIPT
classroom= KLARM
accomplishments= PLIMTS
happy= HAEP
calm= KAUM
wheelchair= WHAOERK
wonderful= WUF
years old= YAOERLDZ
content= KENT
perspective= PEFRPT
I didn’t have= YIF
visits= VIFTS
in touch= KBUFP
limited= LIMTD
conversations= K-FRGSZ
informed= N-FD
philosophies= FLOEFS
when you get= WHUGT
and you will= SKPUL
marriage= MAERJ
money= MUN
youth= YO*UT
through the= THRUT
recognized= REKD
precious= PRERBS
intellectually= SBLEKT/WA*EL
prepared= PRAOEPD
especially= EP
give me= GIFM
in fact= N-FT
that’s right= THAERT
to understand= TONDZ
had had= H-D
horrible= HORBL
forgive= FRIF
everybody= EFRB
everything= EFRG
what I= WHAI
anger= ANG
dual= DAOUL
poison= POIFN
I remember= IRM
cancer= KAERN
solar= SOE/LA*R
plexus= PLEX/*US
culture= KLUR
how much= HOUFP
television= T-FGS
movie= MO*EF
Morrie= MOR/YI
phlegm= FLEM
drooling= DRAOLG
they should= THERBD
community= KMAOUNT
creative= KRAOEF
somebody else= S-BLS
version= VERGS
America= MERK
crises= KRAOISZ
challenges= KHALS
disease= D-Z
heart attack= HAURK
divisiveness= DWAOIFNS
society= SOET
value= VAL
family= FAEM
connection= KEX
without= WOUT
security= SKAOURT
principle= PRIN
Haiti= HAI/TAO*E
children= KHIRN
and you have to= SKPUFTD
Jeanine= JA/NAO*EN
Mitch= MIFP
influence= FLUNS
remarkable= RARK/-BL
orphanage= OFRJ
patriots= PROITS
listen= L-N
multiple= MUPLT
priorities= PRAOIRTS
compliments= KPLIMTS
approach= PROEFP
answers= AENS
study= STOI
manifestation= MEFGS
aggrandizing= A/GRAN/DAO*IGZ
celebrities= SBRITS
column= KLUM
pity= POIT
decay= DAOE/KAI
having the= V-GT
thesis= THAOEZ
academic= DWAKD
envying= KB-FG
competition= KPEGS
worshipping= WOFRPG
what would= WHALD
self-absorbed= SEF/SORBD
intercepted= SBREPTD
ambitious= BIRBS
workaholic= WORK/HOL/*IK
first of all= FRAUL
better= BERT
generous= JERNS
I don’t have the= YOFT
during that time= DRAT
know-it-all= NOE/T-/A*UL
questions= QES
sympathy= STHI
no matter= NORMT
gathers= GAERS
does he ever say= DAOEFRS
comforted= K-FRTD
people= PAOEPL
tenderness= TERND/-NS
dollar= DLAR
significant= SIG
when you have= WHUF
sandwich= SDWIFP
blanket= BLA*INGT
arrest= AR
relationship= ROIP
invest= VEF
if you want= FUPT
imagine= MAJ
essence= SEFNS
warnings= WARNGS
voice= VOIS
passage= PAFJ
ocean= OEGS
silver= SIFRL
legacy= LEGZ
deserving= DEFRBG
interests= TR-S
career= KRAOER
alongside= LAONGDZ
ability= ABLT
canceled= KAELD
precious= PRERBS
tumor= TAOURM
connected= KEKTD
tombstone= TAOUM/STO*EN
creole= KRAOE/O*EL
English= GLIRB
I could not= Y*UNT
perpetually= PERPT/WA*EL
it isn’t= T*FNT
we can= WEK
perish= PRIRB
fulfill= F-FL
witness= W-NS
what do you think= WHAOUNG
hunger= HURNG
humanity= HAOUMT
achieve= KHAEF
religious= R-JS
negotiating= GOERBGT
angels= AIN/J*ELS
uncle= UNG
veteran= VERT
heaven= HEFN

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August 31 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations: Alanis Morissette

Oprah and Alanis Morrissette
Alanis= A/LAN/*IS
Ottawa= OT/WA*
Canada= KAN/DA*
Catholic= KA*T/L*IK
divine= DWAOIN
fourteen= FOURN
pop= PO*P
Los Angeles= LOS/LOS
nineteen= NAOEN
California= KAL/KAL
introspective= SBROEFKT
Grammies= GRAM/Y*IS
million= M-L
debut= DAI/BAO*U
anxiety= ANGT
isolated= SOELTD
seminal= SEM/NA*L
phenomenon= FON
stadiums= STAID/Y*UMS
community= KMAOUNT
outdoors= AOUT/DAORS
boundaries= BOURNDZ
backstage= BAK/STA*IJ
all the= AULT
did you think= SDUNG
who I was= WHOIFS
about a= BA
identity= AOID
certainty= SERNT
monolithic= MON/L*IKT
disconcerting= DIZ/SKERGT
disconnected= SKEKTD
Johnny Depp= JO*N/YI/D*EP
isolating= SOELGT
chatting= KHAGT
projections= PROJSZ
assumptions= SUMGSZ
traumatized= TRAUMDZ
lonely= LOENL
understood= NAOND
when I get= WHIGT
retire= RIR
exempt= XEMT
if I can= FIK
comfortable= K-FRBL
embracing= KBRAIS/-G
addictive= DIFKT
temporarily= TRAERL
portal= PORLT
other side= OERDZ
peace= PAES
ego= AOEG
concrete= KRET
in many= NAEN
famous= FAIMS
pretend= PREND
Barbara= BAR/BRA*
Walters= WAURLTS
congruence= KAUN/GRAOUNS
aspects= SPAEKTS
consciousness= KONS/-ND
seeker= SAOERK
hunger= HURNG
singularly= SINL/LA*RL
multitudinous= MULT/TAOUD/N*US
denominator= DMON/NA*IRT
bottom= BOT
vulnerability= VUL/N*ERBLT
dualistic= DAOUL/ST-K
studio= STAOUD
authenticity= AU/THEN/T*IFT
day-to-day= DTD
in person= KBERN
introverted= SBROE/V*ERTD
snuggle= SNULG
is it true= STRAOU
airports= AIRPTS
piece= PAOES
jumping= JUFRPG
magnifying= MAG/NA/FAO*IG
grappling= GRAP/LING
amplify= AFRP/FAO*I
activist= AKT/V*IFT
irony= OIRN
doggedly= DAUGD/LI
digital= DIJT
expression= XREFGS
delicate= DLIKT
propensity= PROE/P*EFNT
I didn’t want= YIPT
I remember= IRM
reason= R-N
imbued= KBAOUD
social= SOERBL
public= PUB
diverse= DWERS
liberating= LIB/RA*IGT
healing= HAELG
women= WIM
there are times= THR-RMTS
cathartic= KA/THA*RKT
redeem= RAOE/DAO*EM
terrified= TROIFD
apparently= PAERNLT
energy= N-RJ
absolve= AB/SO*FL
uncomfortable= N-FRBL
awkward= AURKD
catalyst= KAT/L*IFT
investigate= VEGT
you went= UFRG
anorexia= AN/REX/YA*
bulimia= BAOU/LAOEM/YA*
disorders= SDORDZ
thinking= THIG
addiction= DIX
therapy= THAERP
withdrawal= WRAUL
human being= HAOUB
focus= FOEKS
impersonal= KBERNL
obsession= OB/S*EGS
natural= NARL
so many= SOM
seduction= SDUX
excruciating= SKRAOURBGT
recovery= ROIFR
journey= JOIRN
and then= SKPHEN
applying= PLAOIG
fifteen= FAOEN
so I had= SO*ID
fantasy= FANT/SAO*E
relationship= ROIP
development= VEMT
navigate= NAFGT
attracting= TR-K/-G
principle= PRIN
autonomous= AU/TON/M*US
active= TIF
participant= PARPT
committed= KMITD
infatuation= IN/FAT/WA*IGS
conflict= KIKT
musician= MAOUGS
better= BERT
Christmas= KMAS
profile= PROIL
husband= HUS
what was= WHAFS
how did= HO*UD
whatever= WHAFR
spiritually= SPIRL/LI
ancient= SHENT
Egyptians= GIPGSZ
psychologically= SKLEL
jurisdiction= JURD
comfort= K-FRT
beautiful= BAOUF
married= MAERD
romantic= ROEMT
battle= BALT
distinct= DINGT
desperate= DPRAT
procreate= PROE/KRAO*ET
babies= BAEBS
ourselves= OURSZ
average= AFRJ
mired= MAOIRD
reactivity= RAOEFKT/TAO*E
do you feel= DOUFL
definitely= DAFL
Gary= GA*ER
spiritual= SPIRL
intellectually= SBLEKT/WA*EL
complementary= KPLERMT
traumas= TRAUMS
education= JAEGS
when you get= WHUGT
adventure= DWUR
canoe= KA/NAO*U
portend= POR/T*END
and I get= SKPIGT
breather= BRAO*ERT
boy= BOI
lesson= LEFN
you want= UPT
filter= FIRLT
careen= KA/RAO*EN
who he is= WHOES
is a= SA
miracle= MIRBLG
angst= A*INGS
India= IND/YA*
glimpse= GLIMS
meditate= MED/TA*IT
Himalayas= HIM/LAI/YA*S
illusion= LAOUGS
separatism= SPRAIT/T*IFM
fragmented= FRAGTD
ashram= ARB/RA*M
exercises= XERSZ
mountains= MOUNS
animal= ANL
anyone else= NINLS
alter= ARLT
incense= IN/SENS
invitation= VAOIGS
backyard= BARD
workaholic= WORK/HOL/*IK
ethers= AO*ET/*ERS
abiding= A/BAOIGD
mundane= MUN/DA*IN
degree= DRE
obsessed= OB/S*EFD
observer= OEB/*ER
how good= HOUGD
you are= UR
and also= SKP-LS
chaos= KHAOS
orientation= OERNGS
too much= TAOFP
emphasis= KBIS
happiness= HAENS
temporary= TRAER
awareness= WAIRNS
relief= RAOEFL
emotions= MAOEGSZ
I would= ILD
transparency= TRANZ/PARNZ
consistent= KAONT
you were= URP
judgment= JUMT
telepathic= TEL/PA*KT
empath= EM/PA*T
empathic= EM/PA*KT
archetype= ARK/TAO*IP
all the= AULT
silence= SLENS
journal= JURNL
stagnation= STAG/NA*IGS
in my= NAOI
that really= THA*RL
ideas= Y-DZ
essence= SEFNS
continuously= T-N/Y*UFL
semantic= SMANGT
panacea= PAN/SAOE/A*
tell me= TL-M
creativity= KRAOEFT
that I am= THAIM
music= MAOUK
action= -X
you can= UK
perfect= P-FRT
amazing= MAEGS

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October 27 2013

Practice Video: As A Man Thinketh Part 6

Here are some briefs from the video:
intelligent= TEJ
accomplishment= PLIFMT
majority= MAIJT
catastrophe= STROEF
destruction= SDRUBGS or DRUBGS
persist= PRIFT
conceive= SKAOEF
centralize= STRALZ
according= KWORG
nature= NAUR
devote= DWOET
concentration= SKRAENGS
overcome= VUM
success= S-K
performance= P-FNS
focus= FOEKS
resolution= REFLGS
physically= F*IFL
conditions= K-NS
effort= EFRT
energy= N-RJ
knowledge= NOJ
enemy= NAOEM
become= B-K

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March 10 2013

Practice Video: As A Man Thinketh Part 4

Here are some briefs from the video:
likewise= LAOIKZ
perfection= P-FRGS
supreme= SPRAOEM
sufferings= SUFRGS
ignorance= GORNS
evolving= EFLG
encounters= KBOURNTS
disorder= DORD
surroundings= SROUNGS
justice= JUS
spiritual= SPIRL
astonish= STIRB
disease= SDAOEZ
lazy= LAEZ
accusation= KAOUGS
distress= SDRES
selfish= SFIRB
persist= PRIFT
plenty= PLENT
surface= SFAS
obey= BOEB
impatient= KBAIRBT

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February 17 2013

Practice Video: As A Man Thinketh Part 3

Here are some briefs from the video:
divinity= DWINT
imprison= KBRIS or KBRIF
freedom= FRAOEM
gratified= GRAOIFD
harmonize= HARMZ
nourishing= NOURBS/-G or NOURBG
preserve= PREFRB
conscious= KONS
insufficiency= SNUFZ
deceptive= SDEFPT
victim= VIM
painful= PAIFL or PAIFNL
persistent= PRIFNT
measure= MUR
prosperity= PROFRPT
bankrupt= BRUP
complicated= KPLIKTD
external= XERNL
aspect= SPAEKT
dishonest= SHONS or SDHONS
acquire= QIR
superficial= SFIRBL
virtuous= VIRBS

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January 21 2013

Practice Video: As A Man Thinketh Part 1

Thinking positively is such an important factor to what we do as stenographers. Due to this fact, I think that practicing to material that reinforces positive thinking is very beneficial to us on a variety of levels. Therefore, I will be regularly posting the type of material that will, hopefully, keep our attitudes upbeat, as well as enhance our typing skills.

Love, Speed & Accuracy,

Elsie Villega

Here are some briefs from the video:
volume= VAOUM
exhaustive= XAUFS
suggestive= SUGT
explanatory= SPLANT or SPLARNT
discovery= SKOIFR
perception= SPEFPGS or SPEPGS
virtue= VIRT
encourage= NURJ
garment= GARMT
ignorance= GORNS
happiness= HAEP/-NS
chapter= KHARPT
comprehensive= KPREFNS
spontaneous= SPAINS
premeditated= PRAEMTD or PRAEMD
deliberately= DLIBL or DLIBLT
executed= SKAOUTD
shadow= SHAOD
deviate= DWAIT
deviating- DWAIGT
visible= VIFBL
continued= T-ND
weapons= WEPS
fashion= FAGS
perfection= P-FRGS
descends= SDENDZ
pertaining= PRAING
confidence= K-FS or K-FNS
intelligence= TEJS
agency= AEG
abandoned= BAUND
household= HOUFLD
conscious= KONS
diamonds= DAOIMDZ
obtained= BAIND
investigation= VEGS
understanding= NANGD
wisdom= WIZ
practice= PRA
temple= TEFRPL

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