July 3 2019

Briefs And Phrases From Jessica Jones- Season 3, Episode 4

Jessica Jones Season 3 Episode 4
consistent= KAONT
Bourbon= BUR/BO*N
I see= IZ
I feel= IFL
humanity= HAOUMT
scaffolding= SKAFLGD
guilt= G-LT
migraine= MAOIRNG
scorpion= SKORP/YO*N
recovering= ROFRG
euphemism= AOU/FA/M*IFM
in the first place= FRPLS
attempted= TAEMTD
lobby= LOIB
insurance company= SHURK
invasion= VAEGS
open the= OEPT
years ago= YAOERGS
tenacity= TA/NA*FT
hazard= HAZ
goodbye= GAOIB
last night= LAFNT
fiduciary duty= FAOURBD
demanding= DMANG
poison= POIFN
pension= PENGS
embezzle= KBEBLZ
surgery= SURG
get out= GOEUT
private= PRAOIFT
privacy= PRAOIFZ
manipulative= MIFPT
narcissist= NARS/S*IFT
employment= PLOIMT
financial= F-NL
withdrawals= WRAULS
girlfriends= GOIFS
with it= W*T
distributed= DR-BTD
at the= TE
league= LAOEG
discerning= SDERNG
Peter= PAO*ERT
arbitration= AERBGS
are you= RU
lecture= LURKT
I’m so sorry= AOIFMS
chemist= KHEFMT
engineer= GER
selfies= SEFL/YIS
athletic= TLEKT
remember me= RERM
management= MGT
this time= TH-MT
congratulations= GLAIGSZ
physics= F*IFKS
disciplined= SPLIND
mystery= STRAOE
restraining order= STRO
emergency room= MAORM
tonight= TONT
punctuality= PUNLT
apologize= JAOIZ
tenacious= TAERBS

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