July 4 2019

Briefs And Phrases From Jessica Jones- Season 3, Episode 5

Jessica Jones Season 3 Episode 5
bank accounts= BA*INGTS
first time= FIRMT
diploma= DPLOEM
headache= HAEK
stakeout= STAIKT
coercion= KOERGS
reprehensible= REP/H*ENLS
trespassing= TREPG
debacle= DA/BA*BLG
trophy= TROEF
internet= SBET
vacation= VAIGS
appeal= AEP
at you= TU
comprehend= KPREN
justified= JUFD
soda= SAOD
overtime= OIM
weapons= WEPS
database= D-B
photos= FOETS
work it= WO*RKT
have you seen= V*UFN
due process= DAOUPS
felons= FLONS
treacherous= TREFP/R*US
fabric= FA*RK
ahead of= HAEFD
talk about it= TA*UBT
dissolve= DOFL
acid= SDID
quintessensial= QINT/S*EFNL
Haldol= HAL/DO*L
Loxitane= LOX/TA*IN
loitering= LOIRGT
she has= SHAOEBS
anonymity= AN/N*IMT

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