July 5 2019

Briefs And Phrases From Jessica Jones- Season 3, Episode 6

Jessica Jones Season 3 Episode 6
corpse= KORPS
psycho= SKOE
hero= HOER
heroic= HOIRK
superhero= SPROER
warrant= WARNT
technicality= TEBLGT
too much= TAOFP
with this= W-TS
distract= SDRAKT
distracting= SDRA*KT
incidental= DINL
film= FIM
crippled= KRIPLD
were able= PR-BL
were able to= PR-BLTD
cajoled= KA/JO*ELD
careers= KRAOERS
commercial= KMERBL
hubris= HAOU/BR*IS
capture= KPUR
inadmissible= IN/DMIFBL
retail= TRAEL
production= PROUX
aggravation= GRAIFGS
kidnapped= KIPD
do I do= DOID
talks about= TAUBS
bagels= BAELGS
wrist= WRIFT
pessimistic= PES/M*IFKT
peninsula= PA/NENS/LA*
did you do= SDUD
facial= FAIRBL
recognition= R-GS
software= SWA*ER
horrified= HOIFD
afraid= FRAID
secrecy= SKREZ
obese= OEBS
in the matter= NERMT
pimped= PIFRPD
I am this= IMTS
I did= ILGTS
grateful= GRAEF
selfish= SFIRB
photos= FOETS
photographs= FOFS
photographer= FOEFR
shadows= SHAODZ
sunlight= SUNLT
contest= KEFT
just like= JUFBLG
headache= HAEK
allergic= LERJ
cheater= KHAOERT
wreckage= WREJ
fingers= FIRNGS
empathy= KBHAOE
fairness= FAIRNS
pity= POIT
superior= SYOR
superpower= SPROUR
trespassing= TREPG
harassing= HARGS
kitchen= KIFP
volunteer= VOE
merger= MRERJ
Saxon= SAX/O*N
mentor= MERNT
dapper= DARP
poaching= POEFPG
enterprises= SBRAOISZ
sabbatical= SBABLGT
alive= LOIF
telepath= TEL/A/PA*T
gratitude= GRAOUD
silence= SLENS
scarf= SKA*FR
hypothetically= H-PLT
dabbled= DABLD
investigator= VERGT
assault= SAULT
killer= K*IRL
immunity= KBAOUNT
workout= WOURKT
better than= BERN
testimony= T-M
how many= HOUM
solitary= SOL/TA*ER
lecture= LURKT
aspirin= SPRIN

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