July 6 2019

Briefs And Phrases From Jessica Jones- Season 3, Episode 7

Jessica Jones Season 3 Episode 7
superheroes= SPROERS
more than= MORN
unless= N-LS
babysits= BAEBTS
slaughters= SLAURTS
crime scene= KRAOEN
indicator= KAIRT
misunderstanding= MUNGD
advantage= VANG
victims= VIMS
arrested= ARD
when you give= WHUFG
defense attorney= D-RN
terrorizing= TRORGZ
slander= SLARND
I don’t like to= YOBLGTD
randomly= RAONLD
colleagues= KLAOEGS
adversaries= DWAERS
due process= DAOUPS
misery= MIRZ
I don’t have time= YOFMT
in person= KBERN
eternity= AOERNT
vigilante= VIJT
24/7= 24OI7
first time= FIRMT
accident report= SDRORP
bureaucratic= BRAOURKT
fiefdom= FAOEF/DO*M
gas station= GAIGS
accidentally= SDL-L
paperwork= PAIRK
bucolic= BAOU/KL*IK
eighteen= AEN
tractor= TRARKT
must have been= MUFB
deputy= DPAOUT
attack= TW-K
are you alright= RURLT
regardless= RARLD
pursuing= PRAOUG
history= HIFT
Manhattan= MANT
law firm= LAUFRM
Harvard= HAR/VA*RD
hematoma= HAOEMT
periorbital= PER/YI/O*RBLT
and what happened= SKPWHAPD
comprehended= KPREND
grade school= GRAOL
guilt or innocence= GOINS
allegiance= LAOEJS
vapid= VA*PD
rehab= RAB
catatonic= KAT/TO*NG
messenger= MEFRJ
cardiac arrest= KAURKT
notarized= NOET/RAO*IDZ
paychecks= PAIKS
updated= PAITD
monster= MOFRNT
Christmas= KMAS
gazebo= GA/SAO*E/BO*E
what do you think= WHAOUNG
jurisdiction= JURD
insane= SNAIN
deranged= DRAINGD
integrity= SBEGT
foreign= FOERN
especially= EP
psychopath= SKO*EPT
breather= BRAO*ERT
range of motion= ROM

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