July 28 2019

Briefs And Phrases From Stranger Things- Season 2, Episode 8

Stranger Things Season 2 Episode 8
Mary= MA*ER
Joseph= JOEFP
who I am= WHOIM
open the= OEPT
window= WID
full time= FOIM
did we= SDWAOE
positive= POF
yellow= YOEL
tiny= TOIN
jeopardy= JEP
rule of law= RAUFL
computer= KPAOURT
programming= PRAMG
French= FREFP
sesame= SES/MAO*E
stairwell= STAIRL
I’m going= AOIMG
petitioned= PIRBD
compound= KPOUN
analogy= NAOLG
destruction= DRUX
backup= BUP
if he finds= FEFNDZ
where am I= WR*IM
colors= KLORS
spaceship= SPAIFP
kindergarten= KIND/GA*RNT
you said= UDZ
sandbox= SAND/BO*X
Tonka= TON/KA*
afford= FAURD

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