August 11 2019

Briefs and Phrases From The Blacklist: Season 1, Episode 16

Blacklist Season 1 Episode 16
collateral= KLAERL
bushido= BAOU/SHAOE/DO*E
scabbard= SKAB/BA*RD
tanto= TANT/O*E
seppuku= SEP/AOU/KAO*U
for the record= FRORD
realtor= RAERLT
I will see= ILZ
I see= IZ
Tupperware= TURP/WA^ER
messenger= MEFRJ
viscera= VIS/RA*
Vienna= VAOE/*EN/A*
coterie= KOET/RAO*E
Zeal= SAO*EL
Abishiri= AB/SHAOER/YI
disciplined= SPLIND
Korean= KRAEN
Maguire= MA/GAO*IR
Tokyo= TOEK/YO*E
Berlin= BERNL
handler= HARNL
detention= DENGS
Vermont= V*T
photograph= FOF
federal agent= FRALGT
detection= SDEX
Dayton= DA*INT
do you remember the= DOURMT
this is me= TH-FM
believe it or not= BLORNT
best friend= BEFRND
dirty= DOIRT
gossip= GOFP
Donald= DONLD

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