August 11 2019

Briefs and Phrases From The Blacklist: Season 1, Episode 17

Blacklist Season 1 Episode 17 Part 2
Wilson= WIFNL
David= DAIFD
network= TWORK
crime scene= KRAOEN
bloodhound= BLAOD/HO*UND
ballistic= BLIFKT
culture= KLUR
flashlight= FLARBLT
residence= R-S
hesitate= HEZ
car accident= KARX
mechanism= MEFM
engineered= GERD
vodka= VOKD
airbag= AIRB
deployed= DPLOID
bytes= BAO*ITS
translation= TRALGS
restricted= RIKTD
detaining= DAING
skeleton= SKENLT
federal government= FRALG
Minsk= MIN/*FK
Belarus= BEL/RAO*US
according to= KWORGTD
pirozhki= PA/ROEZ/KAO*E
thank you very much= THAUFM
fingerprints= F-PS
parole officer= PROIFR
substitute= STUT
I’m going to= AOIMGTD
dastardly= DAS/TA*RLD
encrypted= KBRIPTD
social security= S-S
bona fide= B-FD
cardboard= KBAORD
activated= AFKTD
doorstep= DAORP
partition= PARGS
terabytes= TER/BAO*ITS
webcam= WEB/KA*M
surreptitiously= SURPT/T*IRBL
triangulate= TRAOINLT
paramedics= PARMDZ
gesture= JEFRT
good work= GAORK
Sorrento= SOR/REN/TO*E
I know this= AOINTS

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