September 5 2019

Briefs and Phrases From The Boys: Season 1, Episode 2

The Boys Season 1 Episode 2
would you like to= WOUBLGTD
adventure= DWUR
translucent= TRANZ/LAOUFNT
look forward= LAOFRD
Campbell= KAFRPBL
hashtag= HARBGT
penetrate= PRAINT
suffocate= SUFKT
amps= AFRPS
electrocution= LEK/KAO*UGS
treasure= TRERB
that’s all right= THAERLT
blackmailing= BLAK/MA*ILG
appropriations= PROEPGSZ
I’m good= AOIMGD
audience= YENS
above it= BO*FT
trafficking= TRA*FK
and me= SKP-M
Stillwell= STIL/W*EL
Shamu= SHA/MAO*U
blowhole= BLO/HO*EL
matter of time= MAERMT
control room= KROERM
glitching= GLIFPG
biceps= BAOIFPS
hurry up= HURP
glutton= GLUNT
at a time= TAIT
suffice= SFAOIS
and you know it= SKP*UNT
listen to= L-NTD
superhero= SPROER
balloon= BLAON
who I am= WHOIM
Samaritans= SMARNTS
republic= REB
could I get= KOIGT
lung cancer= LAERN
Lockheed= LOK/HAO*ED
patriotic= PROIKT
Macallan= MA/KAL/A*N
niche= NIFP
what are you doing= WHA*URGD
very much= VEFP
turtle= TURLT
plastique= PLAS/TAO*EK

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