September 10 2019

Briefs and Phrases From The Boys: Season 1, Episode 3

The Boys Season 1 Episode 3
state of= STAIF
sweetheart= SWHART
nowhere= NO*R
effusive= A/FAOUFS
empowerment= KBOURMT
San Francisco= SAN/FRA*N
Kansas= KA*NS or KANS/KANS
milk= MIBLG
transforms= TR-FRMS
feminist= FEM/N*IFT
it tells= T-LTS
transformation= TR-FRMGS
partnership= POIP
for a while= FRAOIL
pediatrician= PAOED/TR*IGS
stop it= STO*PT
pizza= PIZ
duvet= DAOU/VA*I
this is not= TH-FNT
passible= PAFBL
keep it= KAO*EPT
so I can see= SOIKZ
Mallory= MAL/RAO*E
fireworks= FAO*IRKS
take care of= TAEFRK
conspicuous= SKPIRBS
French= FREFP
marinade= MAR/NA*ID
tilapia= TA/LAP/YA*
tenderloins= TERND/LO*INS
Monique= MOE/NAO*EK
Stephen= STEFN
last week= LAEFK
circuit= SIRKT
desktop= DEFK/TO*P
specialty= SPERBT
autograph= AOT/GRA*F
gynecologist= GAOINLGT
shooter= SHAORT
coroner= KROERN
insipid= KB-FPD
slippery= SLOIRP
eyebrows= YOUS
steroids= STERDZ
just be= JUFBT
shockwave= SHOK/WA*F
besmirch= BAOE/SM*IFRP
athletes= TLAOETS
excess= X*ES
Congress= KO*NG
you made= UMD
tawdry= TAUD/RAO*E
did I not= SDINT
nachos= NA/KHO*ES
Snickers= SN*IRKS
babysitting= BAEBGT
delinquents= DLINTS
Sherlock= SHER/LO*K
what you see= WHAUZ
porpoise= POR/PO*IS
worry about= WOIRB
zinc= SN*K
whoever it= WHO*FRT

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