September 22 2019

Briefs and Phrases From Pearson: Season 1, Episode 6

Pearson Season 1 Episode 6 Part 2
Quinton= KWIN/TO*N
illness= INLS
good thing= GAONG
updated= PAITD
jargon= JARNG
demolition= DEM/L*IGS
mea culpa= MAI/A*/KUL/PA*
asbestos= ABTS
human being= HAOUB
Icarus= IK/R*US
blackmail= BLAIL
in fact= N-FT
if we could= FWEKD
succeeded= S*KD
courthouse= KHOUS
Miami= MAO*I
you’re the= YO*URT
whether I can= WHRIK
compassionate= KPARBT
they’re going= TH*ERG
obsolete= SBLAOET
ancient= SHENT
rumors= RAOURMS
you really= *URL
variances= VAIRNSZ
expedited= SKPAOITD
aforementioned= AEFRMD
overtime= OIM
puritanical= PAOUR/TAN/KA*L or PAOURNT/KA*L
Gowanus= GA/WA/N*US

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