September 24 2019

Briefs and Phrases From Pearson: Season 1, Episode 7

Pearson Season 1 Episode 7
above and beyond= BOFND
freedom= FRAOEM
are you going to= RUGTD
cell phones= SLOENS
iPads= AOI/PA*DZ
leverage= LEFRJ
Seattle= SAOELT
west side= WEFDZ or W*DZ
invitation= VAOIGS
wealthy= WOILT
concentration= SKRAENGS
assets= SAETS
tenant= TANT
straightforward= STRAIFRD
vendors= V*ERNDZ
contractor= KR-RT
contractors= KR-RTS
announcement= NOUMT
momentum= MAO*UMT
fierce= FAOERS
startup= STAURPT
attachments= TAFPMTS
February= FEB
ethic= TH*EK
how to= HOUTD
academy= DWAD
assaulted= SAULTD
can he find= KEFND
temporary= TRAER
foreman= FOERM
lecture= LURKT
island= AOINLD

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