September 24 2019

Briefs and Phrases From Pearson: Season 1, Episode 8

Pearson Season 1 Episode 8
fast food= FAFD
waitress= WAERT
English= GLIRB
Spanish= SPIRB
violators= VAOIRLTS
enforcement= KBORMT
San Jose= SAN/HOE/SA*I
what’s wrong= WHAENG
make sure= MAIKZ
detained= DAIND
monster= MOFRNT
Seattle= SAOELT
Stephanie= STEFN/YI
boutique= BAOU/TAO*EK
pro bono= PROE/BOE/NO*E
immigration= KBRAIGS
I wouldn’t want= YAOPT
chamber= KHAIM
what to= WHATD
rumors= RAOURMS
winter= WIRNT
intruding= SBRAOUGD
petition= PIRB
deportation= DPORGS
teenager= TAIRJ
withholding= WHOELGD
Roxanne= ROX/A*N
I can’t believe this= YABLTS
best friend= befrnd
Josh= JO*RB
self-esteem= SFAOEM
liberties= LIBTS
archive= AR/KHAO*IF
about last night= BLAFNT
fair to= FAIRTD
health care= HAERK
initiative= NIFRBT

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