September 26 2019

Briefs and Phrases From Pearson: Season 1, Episode 10

Pearson Season 1 Episode 10
county= KOINT
sheriff= SHR-F
defense attorney= D-RN
across the street= KRAOTS
ladies and gentlemen= LAIJS
cruisers= KRAOURSZ
wonderful= WUF
Pandora= PAN/DOR/A*
tidal= TAO*ILD
displaced= DPLAIFD
in that case= NA*K
riot= ROIT
just remember= JURM
willing to= L-GTD
make sure= MAIKZ
preparing= PRAOEPG
what time of= WHAFMT
what time of day= WHAFMTD
qualified= KW-F
jurisdiction= JURD
downtown= DWOUN
loyal= LOIL and now= SKPOU
last thing= LAFNG
ask of you= SK*UF
Chicago= KH*I
police department= PLEPT
midnight= MAOID

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