September 26 2019

Briefs and Phrases From Pearson: Season 1, Episode 9

Pearson Season 1 Episode 9
did you know= SDUN
yes or no= YORN
apology= GAOE
reckless= REBLGS
self-destruct= SDRUKT
camp= KAFRP
courtesy= KURTS
am I wrong= MIRNG
you can say= UKS
ceiling= KRAOELG
do you like it= DO*UBLGT
metastasize= MA/TAS/SAO*IZ
what it is= WHA*TS
paralegal= PLAOELG
welfare= WAEFL
vacant= VAINT
leprechaun= LEP/KO*N
protest= PREFT
litigated= LIGD
western= WERN
stipend= STAOIPD
she knows= SHENS
on the record= ORNTD
voucher= VOUFRP
take it= TA*IKT
have to= V-TD
poetic= POEKT
elderly= LERLD
opinion= P-N
Band-Aid= BAID
minnow= MIN/O*E
retirement= RIRMT
Congress= KO*NG
sellout= SLOUT
why the= Y-T
atrocity= A/TRO*FT
Salazar= SAL/SA*R
alderman= AERLD/MA*N
ladder= LAERD
lapdog= LAP/DA*UG
poaching= POEFPG
election= LEX
Carlos= KARLS
politics= PLIKS
demonstration= DEMGS
cafeteria= KA*EFT
silence= SLENS

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