January 8 2020

Briefs and Phrases From Joker


what’s happening= WHA*EPGS
typhoid= TAOI/FO*ID
garbage= GARJ
landlords= L-LDZ
metro= MROET
is it just= ST-JT
diary= DIR
medication= MEGS
happy= HAEP
siege= SAOEJ
skinny= SKOIN
audience= YENS
seriousness= SAOERNS
what’s your name= WHA*URN
chuckle= KHUBLG
comedy= KMAOED
paycheck= PAIK
Thomas= THOMS
comedian= KMAOEND
prestigious= PREFJZ
subway= SBAI
handicapped= H-KD
lifelong= LAOIFNG
cologne= KLONG
hysterical= STERBLG
why were you= Y*URP
elite= AOELT
poverty= POFRT
decency= SDAOENZ
administrative= MIF
psychosis= SKOEZ
narcicisstic= NAFRKT
paperwork= PAIRK
battered= BAERTD
radiator= YAERT
filthy= FOILT
skedaddle= SKA/DA*LD
Bedford= BEFRD
violently= V*LT
joker= JOERK
that’s good= THAEGD
goodnight= GAOIT
and always= SKPAULS
sidewalk= SWAUK

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Posted January 8, 2020 by Elsie Villega in category "Briefs", "Movie", "Steno Fun

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