March 19 2020

Briefs and Phrases From The Blacklist: Season 5, Episode 4

Blacklist Season 5 Episode 4
remarkable= RARBLG
mare= MA*IR
mares= MA*IRS
stallions= STAL/YO*NS
racehorse= RAIS/HO*RS
telemarketer= TEL/MRA*RKT
arson= A*FRN
onomatopoeia= ON/MAT/PAOE/A*
offspring= AUF/SPRING
endling= END/LING
nom de plume= NOM/DAI/PLAOUM
botanist= BOT/N*IFT
harvest= HAFRT
creditors= KRERDZ
thoroughbred= THRO/BR*ED
conspire= SKPAOIR
conspirator= SKPRIRT
Epogen= EP/J*EN
pity= POIT
dissertation= DIZ/TAIGS
proverbs= PROFBS
can you think of= KUFNG
blood type= BLAOP
blood bank= BLAO*NG
antigens= ANT/J*ENS
refresh your memory= RURM
circulation= SL-GS
podiatrist= POERT
eight o’clock= K-8
myocarditis= MAOI/O*E/KAR/DAO*ITS
idiopathic= ID/YOE/PA*KT
guesstimate= GEST/MA*IT
marvelous= MAFRLS
Labradoodle= LAB/DAO*LD
scrumptious= SKRUFRPGS
cauterized= KAURT/RAO(IDZ
bypass= BIPS
father-in-law= FA*ERNL

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