March 19 2020

Briefs and Phrases From The Office: Season 1, Episode 5

The Office Season 1 Episode 5
basketball= B-BL
African-Americans= FRIMS
swish= SWIRB
pickup= PUP
holiday= HOILD
Saturday= SATD
same thing= SAIMG
neighborhood= NAEBD
regular= REG
rapport= RA/PO*R
defective= DPEFKT
wedding= WEGD
to me= TW-M
center= STR-
starters= STRARTS
dwarf= DWA*FR
baseball= BAIFBL
driveway= DROI
garbage= GARJ
alternate= NAET
morale= MAORL
first aid= FRA*ED
High school= HAOL
outlet= OULT
competitive= KPEFT
friendly= FRENLD
with me= W-M
when I am= WH*IM
paperwork= PAIRK
aggression= GREFGS
ouch= OUFP
interior= SBAOR

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