March 23 2020

Briefs and Phrases From The Office: Season 2, Episode 1

the office season 2 episode 1
trophies= TROEFS
neighbor= NAEB
notices= N-TSZ
recognition= R-GS
display= SPLAI
Stanley= STA*NL
skillets= SK*ILTS
highlights= HAOILTS
camcorder= KAM/KRO*RD
highness= HAOINS
and a half= NAF
New York= NORK
approve= PROIF
for this= F-RTS
tsunami= SAOU/NAM/YI
footage= FAOJ
minimum= MIM
for the first time= F-FRT
and you go= SKPUG
bump= BUFRP
last night= LAFNT
where are you going= WR*URG
there you go= THRUG
Elton= ELT/O*N
Keds= KEDZ
sneakers= SNAOERKS
ladies and gentlemen= LAIJ
seizure= SHURZ
sheriff= SH-F
deputy= DPAOUT
Xeroxed= X*ERX/-D

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