June 20 2020

Briefs and Phrases From The Office: Season 4, Episode 3

The Office season 4 episode 3
quarter= KWAERT
graphic= GRAFK
imagination= MAJS
release= RAOES
sushi= SHAOURB
grandchild= GRAOILD
satellite= SAELT
webcam= WEB/KA*M
New York City= NORKS
in fact= N-FT
at the end of the day= TEFNTD
apple= AEPL
positive= POF
googled= GAOLGD
how do you feel= HAOUFL
booster= BAOFRT
budget= BUJT
alive= LOIF
one of those= WUFNS
what are you doing= WHA*URGD
November= NOEF
binary= BAOI/NA*ER
assorted= SAORTD
cutlery= KUT/RAO*E
online= AONL
multiple= MUPLT
souvenir= SAOUFRN
shotgun= SG-N
district court= DRORT
U.S. District Court= SDRORT
did you see= SDUZ
password= PAFRD
invitation= VAOIGS
withdrew= WRAOU
numerous= NAOURMS
projections= PROJSZ
what do you think= WHAIUNG
I didn’t ask= YIFK
notary= NOIRT
pizza= PIZ
escort= SKOERT
discount= SKOUNT
kidnapping= KIPG
accomplices= KPLISZ
jail time= JAILT
hemp= HEFRP
hostage= HOFJ
yogurt= YOERGT
painful= PAIFL
felony= FLOIN
calamari= KAL/MAR/YI

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