March 25 2021

Briefs and Phrases From The Mandalorian: Season 1, Episode 1

Mandalorian S1 Ep 1
heartfelt= HAFRLT
gratitude= GRAOUD
bounty= BOUNT
is that= STHA
planet= PLAENT
hatch= HAFP
what are you doing= WHA*URGD
where are you going= WR*URG
am I right= MIRT
is it true= STRAOU
thorax= THRAX
evacuated= AOEFKTD
solstice= SOL/ST*IS
theatrics= THAOERKTS
smuggler= SMURLG
very busy= VEBZ
commission= KMIGS
face-to-face= FAIFTD
I didn’t mean to= YIMTD
discretion= SKREFGS
I like those= AOIBLGS
I like these= AOIBLGZ
digits= D-JS
data= DAT
pauldron= PAUL/DRO*N
signet= SIG/N*ET
ancestors= AN/S*EFRTS
quarry= KWA*ER
territory= TERT
destruction= DRUBGS
subparagraph= SPRAF
protocol= PROELT
self-destruct= SDRUKT
diagnostic= D-GT
is that good= STHAGD

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