December 22 2017

Briefs And Phrases From Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman Poster
beautiful= BAOUF
magic= MIJ
wonder= WURND
cherishing= KHERG
another= NOER
story= STOER
altogether= AULGT
difficult= DIF
ago= AG
I will= IL
be the= -BT
hello= HO*EL
again= GEN
mother= MOER
are you= RU
today= TOD
you think= AOUNG
training= TRAING
ready= R-D
I could= IKD
begin= GIN
at least= TLAOEFT
defend= D-F
herself= HERZ
army= AERM
general= JEN
scorpion= SKORP/YO*N
island= AOILD
only= PENL
promise= PROM
to be= TOB
careful= KAIF
it’s= -TS
fighting= FAOIGT
edges= EJS
precious= PRERBS
sculpted= SKUPLTD
Zeus= SAO*UZ
battle= BALT
all of= A*UFL
history= HIFT
beings= -BGZ
passionate= PARBT
amazons= AM/SO*NS
peace= PAES
brief= BRAOEF
queen= KWAOEN
revolt= RAOEFLT
enslavement= EN/SLAIFMT
defense= D-FNS
power= POUR
return= RURN
finish= FINS
mission= MIGS
finally= FLAOINL
destroy= STROI
themselves= THEMZ
weapon= WEP
enough= NUF
created= KRAOETD
has been= HAB
quiet= KWAET
paradise= PAR/DAO*IS
can I see= KIZ
it= T-
tower= TOUR
wield= WAOELD
who will= WHOL
that is not= THAFNT
concern= KERN
stronger= STRORNG
powers= POURS
I was= IFS
betrayed= BRAE/-D
sister= ST-R
to the= TOT
choice= KHOIS
neglect= NEG
duty= DAOUT
alive= LOIF
you feel= UFL
she gets= SHEGTS
sooner= SAORN
this is= TH-S
the= -T
protect= PROEKT
you will= UL
better= BERT
never= NEFR
I’m sorry= AOIMS
what have= WHAF
from= FR-
scouts= SKOUTS
go= G-
there= THR-
forward= FAORD
you’re= YO*UR
look like= LAOBLG
who are= WHOR
out of= OUF
Germans= GER/MA*NS
away= WA*I
lasso= LAS/O*E
danger= DAIJ
I am= IM
British= BRIRB
intelligence= TEJS
leader= LAOERD
empire= KBAOIR
pilots= PAOILTS
according= KWORG
intel= SBEL
troops= TRAOPS
money= MUN
munitions= MAOUNGSZ
Turks= TURKZ
invented= KBFNTD
psychopath= SKPA*T
what I could= WHAIKD
millions= M-LS
observe= OEB
report= RORP
nothing= NOG
I had= ID
to do= TAOD
something= S-G
doctor= DR-
if I can= FIK
it could= T-KD
countries= KUNTS
years= Y-RS
civilians= SIFNLS
innocent= N-NT
people= PAOEPL
women= WIM
children= KHIRN
slaughtered= SLAURTD
villages= VILS
looted= LAOTD
soldier= SOL/J*ER
warrior= WAR/YO*R
imagine= MAJ
everything= EFRG
without= WOUT
already= L-RD
simply= SOIM
this much= TH-FP
is it true= STRAOU
that you= THAU
I didn’t see= YIZ
would you say= WOUS
typical= TOIP
example= X-M
above= BOF
average= AFRJ
what’s= WHAES
watch= WAFP
father= FA*ER
because= BAUS
little= LIL
what is= WHAS
hundreds= HUNS
languages= LANGS
bridge= BRIJ
greater= GRAERT
understanding= NANGD
thank you= THAUNG
let me ask= SKLEM
anyone= NIN
why= Y-
do you want= DOUPT
to go= TOG
I guess= IGS
I got= *IGT
if you see= FUZ
something= S-G
happening= HAPG
in the= N-T
either= AOERT
water= WAURT
didn’t= D-NT
earlier= RERL
with you= WU
sacred= SKRAID
is the= S-T
outfit= AOUT/FIT
you will= UL
we are= WER
we’re= WAO*ER
do you not= DOUNT
I’m going= AOIMG
lost= LO*S
I have= IF
I understand= INDZ
beloved= BLOFD
worthy= WOIRT
deserve= DEFRB
you have been= UFB
you have= UF
how long= HOUNG
until= N-L
reach= RAOEFP
France= FRANS
sea= SAE
intense= SBENS
if you= FU
responsibility= SPONLT
appreciate= PRAOERBT
and I could= SKPIKD
influence= FLUNS
will be= L-B
what are you= WHA*UR
women= WIM
yes, I do= YOID
confines= KWAOINS
marriage= MAERJ
polite= PLOIT
assume= SAOUM
judge= JUJ
swear= SWAIR
honor= HON
cherish= KHER
no idea= NY-D
pleasure= PLERB
volumes= VAOUMS
enjoy= GOI
excuses= SKAOUSZ
complacent= KPLAIFNT
Germany= JOIRM
armistice= AR/MIS/T*IS
you will= UL
I believe= AOIBL
succeed= S-KD
you were= URP
on this= ONTS
earth= *ERT
different= DIFRN
type of= TAOIFP
strength= STRENG
what I think= WHAING
to be= TOB
going= G-G
terrible= TERBL
text= TEGT
superiors= SYORS
promise= PROM
first= FIRS
deliver= DLIFR
ticket= TIKT
baby= BAEB
single= SINL
secretary= SEKT
what is= WHAS
I really= *IRL
I like= AOIBLG
question= KWE
conservative= SKEFRBT
principles= PRINZ
occasions= KAEFNS
arise= RIS
lovely= LOFL
itchy= IFP/YI
where is= WR-S
distracting= SDRAKT/-G
specs= SP*EKS
myself= MAOIZ
captain= KAPT
convention= KWENGS
did I= SDI
do you think= DOUNG
help= HEP
immensely= KBENLS
negotiate= GOERBT
achieve= KHAEF
what the= WHAT
woman= WOM
apology= GAOE
poison= POIFN OR PO*IS
herself= HERZ
intriguing= SBRAOEG/-G
intelligence= TEJS
cryptography= KRIPT/TOG/GRA*EF
mixture= MURX
formula= FLA
kind of= KAOIF
hydrogen= HAOIJ
sulfur= SUL/F*ER
release= RAOES
at the= TE
doesn’t= DOENT
Belgium= BEL/J*UM
occupy= OUP
surrender= SRERND
logistical= L-JT/KA*L
ideas= Y-DZ
gentlemen= JE
excuse me= SKAOUM
peacocks= PAE/KO*KS
that’s= THAES
hi= HI
I wouldn’t= YAO
where’s= WRAES
what were= WHARP
about= B-
expert= SPERT
how do you know= HAOUN
who you= WHOU
honor= HON
freedom= FRAOEM
friendship= FROIP
frightened= FRAOINTD
honorable= HONL
facility= FAEFLT
along= LAONG
very= VE
welcome= WEM
good luck= GLUK
should be= SHUB
proud= PRO*UD
expecting= XEKT/-G
before= B-F
smuggler= SMURLG
murderer= MRURD
pretend= PREND
somebody else= S-BLS
awful= AUFL
counsel= KOUN
shortages= SHORJS
delay= DLAI
thousands= THOUS
attack= TW-K
24 hours= 24OURS
guns= G-NS
evening= AOENG
in this= NIS
people= PAOEPL
nothing= NOG
animals= ANLS
this is not= TH-FNT
what is= WHAS
you want= UPT
across the= KRAOTS
inches= N-FPS
everyone= EFRN
battles= BALTS
away= WA*I
jeopardizing= JEPGZ
accord= KAORD
of course,= -FX
forbid= FORBD
tomorrow= TOM
they have= THEF
breakfast= BREFS
paper= PAIRP
babies= BAEBS
to us= TOUS
fellows= FLELS
capable= KPAIBL
money= MUN
What happened= WHAPD
dangerous= DAIJS
follow= FOL
better= BERT
do you say= DO*US
colonel= KOL
invitation= VAOIGS
stupid= STAOUPD
I don’t= YO
confess= FES
celebrating= SBRAIGT
victory= VOIRKT
ancient= SHENT
they understood= THEND
sacrifice= SFIS
exchange= XAING
purpose= PURP
party= PAERT
mortal= MORLT
courageous= KURJS
normal= NOL
many= MAEN
he was= EFS
we could= WEKD
magnificent= NIFNT
as you= SU
match= MAFP
name of= NAIFM
complete= KPLAOET
forever= FOFR
all of this= AUFLTS
should have= SHUF
they can= THEK
they are= THER
where’s= WRAES
destruction= SDRUX
deserve= DEFRB
is it= ST-
future= FAOUT
you could see= UKDZ
suffering= SUFRG
radio= RAO
is that= STHA
did this= SD-TS
ugly= OIG
what you believe= WHAUBL
I believe= AOIBL
inside= N-DZ
always= AULS

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