February 17 2013

Practice Video: As A Man Thinketh Part 3

Here are some briefs from the video:
divinity= DWINT
imprison= KBRIS or KBRIF
freedom= FRAOEM
gratified= GRAOIFD
harmonize= HARMZ
nourishing= NOURBS/-G or NOURBG
preserve= PREFRB
conscious= KONS
insufficiency= SNUFZ
deceptive= SDEFPT
victim= VIM
painful= PAIFL or PAIFNL
persistent= PRIFNT
measure= MUR
prosperity= PROFRPT
bankrupt= BRUP
complicated= KPLIKTD
external= XERNL
aspect= SPAEKT
dishonest= SHONS or SDHONS
acquire= QIR
superficial= SFIRBL
virtuous= VIRBS

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February 8 2013

Friday Phrases

care and treatment= KAIRMT
fair statement= FAIRMT
child care= KHAIRK
degree of care= DREFK
health care= HAERK or HAIRK
ordinary care= OERK
primary-care= PRAIRK or PROIRK
primary-care physician= PRAIRKS or PROIRKS
reasonable care= RAERK
standard of care= STAERK or STOFK
we, the jury= WAOEJ
weight of the evidence= WAEFD

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