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Dec 15

Medical Monday: Sagittal

Sagittal is defined as: (1) Of or relating to the suture between the parietal bones of the skull. (2) Of, relating to, situated in, or being the median plane of the body or any plane parallel to it.” Machine Briefs: OPTION #1: sagittal= SAJ/A/TAL OPTION #2: sagittal= SAJ/A/TA*L OPTION #3: sagittal= SAJ/TAL OPTION #4: sagittal= …

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Dec 14

Random Briefs

saline= SLAOEN seizure= SHURZ or SHAOEZ sedate= SDAIT sedates= SDAITS sedated= SDAITD sedation= SDAIGS sedative= SDAFT or SDAIFT sedatives= SDAFTS or SDAIFTS

Dec 13


“Master the instrument, master the music, then forget all that and play.” -Charlie Parker Love, Speed & Accuracy, Elsie Villega

Dec 11

Steno Fitness: Hand, Wrist & Forearm Exercises

7 exercises that strengthen your wrist, hand and forearm.

Dec 11

Case CATalyst: Analysis Of Transcript For Brief Suggestions

Transcript Brief It is a Case CATalyst function that will analyze your transcript and suggest briefs that will be added to your Brief It pane. This feature only works with transcripts that have text associated with steno. (There is another comparable function that can be used with text-only files). (1) Open your job in Translate …

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Dec 09

Stenspiration™: Don’t Worry

“Don’t worry about things you have no control over because you have no control over them. Don’t worry about the things that you have control over because you have control over them.” -Mickey Rivers Love, Speed & Accuracy, Elsie Villega

Dec 09

Legal Vocabulary: Summary Judgment

According to The Free Dictionary summary judgment is defined as follows: “A procedural device used during civil litigation to promptly and expeditiously dispose of a case without a trial. It is used when there is no dispute as to the material facts of the case and a party is entitled to judgment as a matter …

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Dec 08

Medical Monday: Perinatologist

A perinatologist is a specialist who deals with complicated, high-risk pregnancies. Machine Briefs: OPTION #1: perinatologist= PER/YI/NAI/TOLGT OPTION #2: perinatologist= PER/RI/NAI/TOLGT OPTION #3: perinatologist= PER/R*I/NAI/TOLGT OPTION #4: perinatologist= PER/YI/NAILGT OPTION #5: perinatologist= PER/RI/NAILGT OPTION #6: perinatologist= PER/R*I/NAILGT

Dec 06

Steno Fitness: Quick Hand & Wrist Stretches

These awesome hand and wrist stretches can help to prevent or relieve carpal tunnel. Please work them into your routine!! Love, Speed and Accuracy, Elsie Villega

Dec 04

Quick Study List: The Bill Of Rights

Here’s a Quick List I use to review the Bill of Rights: Amendment 1: Freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly, and petition. Amendment 2: Right to bear arms. Amendment 3: No quartering of soldiers. Amendment 4: Freedom from unreasonable searches and seizures. Amendment 5: Right to due process of law, freedom from self-incrimination and double …

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