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Jan 20

Court Reporter Spotted: Selma

Selma Movie Poster

Jan 19

Case CATalyst: The Scan Define Command

The scan define command in Case CATalyst allows you to fix the last untranlate/mistranslate in your translating file via your steno machine. This command eliminates the necessity of having to remove your hands from your steno machine to use your computer keyboard to correct an untranslated/mistranslate. The scan define command can be defined in your …

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Jan 19

Medical Monday: Astragalus

The astragalus is the ankle bone. It is technically defined as: “One of the proximal bones of the tarsus.” Machine Briefs: OPTION #1: astragalus= A/STRAG/A/LUS OPTION #1: astragalus= A/STRAG/A/L*US OPTION #1: astragalus= A/STRAG/L*US

Jan 16

Friday Phrases

do you presently= DO*UPLT are you presently= R*UPLT they presently= TH*EPLT where do you presently= WRO*UPLT what do you presently= WHAO*UPLT how do you presently= HO*UPLT how are you presently= HO*URPLT

Jan 15

Case CATalyst: Don’t Just Backup Your Dictionary, Also Backup Your System Files Case

System files is a key component to the operation of Case CATalyst software. Without system flies, you will not be able to translate, edit, read, or print a transcript via Case CAT. Each Case CATalyst user must have one system files case in order to properly operate the software. The system files case contains: User …

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Jan 14


“When love and skill work together expect a masterpiece.” -Kevin Clash Love, Speed & Accuracy, Elsie Villega

Jan 13

Steno Fun Fact: What Letter Of The Alphabet Begins More English Words Than Any Other Letter?

More English words begin with the letter “s” than any other letter.

Jan 12

Medical Monday: Pruritic

Pruritic is defined as: “Of, relating to, or marked by itching.” Machine Briefs: OPTION #1: pruritic= PRAOURKT OPTION #2: pruritic= PRAOU/RIKT OPTION #3: pruritic= PRAOU/R*IKT OPTION #4: pruritic= PRAOU/RIT/*IK OPTION #5: pruritic= PRAOU/RIT/T*IK

Jan 12

Dictionary Builder: The World’s Most Powerful Brands

The following list was compiled by Forbes in 2014. It is a list of the top 100 of the world’s most powerful brands: (As you dictionary-build, don’t forget to D-define the brand names as capitalized words.) 1) Apple 2) Microsoft 3) Google 4) Coca-Cola 5) IBM 6) McDonald’s 7) General Electric 8) Samsung 9) Toyota …

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Jan 09

Friday Phrases

car insurance= KARNS heart attack= HAURK refresh your memory= RURM did hear= DHAER or SDHAER did you hear= DHAEUR or SDHAEUR -hour period= HOURPD when I returned= WHIRND with regard= WRAR with reference= WREFRNS with reference to= WREFRNTS

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