January 19 2015

Case CATalyst: The Scan Define Command

I Love Stenography Logo (Cropped)The scan define command in Case CATalyst allows you to fix the last untranlate/mistranslate in your translating file via your steno machine. This command eliminates the necessity of having to remove your hands from your steno machine to use your computer keyboard to correct an untranslated/mistranslate.

The scan define command can be defined in your Realtime Commands Dictionary or any other dictionary. The recommended dictionary entry is as follows: SKAN/SKAN= {Scan Define}

Writing the steno on your machine that activates the scan define command will open a power define dialog box which contains last untranslated/mistranslate in the steno field. You can then input your desired action for the edit sought.

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January 16 2015

Friday Phrases

Friday Phrases Logo
do you presently= DO*UPLT
are you presently= R*UPLT
they presently= TH*EPLT
where do you presently= WRO*UPLT
what do you presently= WHAO*UPLT
how do you presently= HO*UPLT
how are you presently= HO*URPLT

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January 15 2015

Case CATalyst: Don’t Just Backup Your Dictionary, Also Backup Your System Files Case

I Love Stenography Logo (Cropped)System files is a key component to the operation of Case CATalyst software. Without system flies, you will not be able to translate, edit, read, or print a transcript via Case CAT.

Each Case CATalyst user must have one system files case in order to properly operate the software.

The system files case contains: User setting files, dialog settings, keyboard maps, your personal dictionary, index templates (for automatic indexing), layouts case, realtime commands, conflict database, phonetic table, power define codes, EZ speaker codes, and your personal word list.

Due to containing all of the aforementioned pertinent information, it would be wise to periodically backup your system files.

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January 12 2015

Dictionary Builder: The World’s Most Powerful Brands

I Love Stenography Logo (Cropped)The following list was compiled by Forbes in 2014. It is a list of the top 100 of the world’s most powerful brands:
(As you dictionary-build, don’t forget to D-define the brand names as capitalized words.)
1) Apple
2) Microsoft
3) Google
4) Coca-Cola
5) IBM
6) McDonald’s
7) General Electric
8) Samsung
9) Toyota
10) Louis Vuitton
11) BMW
12) Cisco
13) Intel
14) Disney
15) Oracle
16) AT&T
17) Mercedes-Benz
18) Facebook
19) Wal-Mart
20) Honda
21) NIKE
22) Verizon
23) Budweiser
24) Amazon.com
25) SAP
26) American Express
27) Gillette
28) Pepsi
29) Nescafe
30) Marlboro
31) H&M
32) L’Oréal
33) Visa
34) HSBC
35) ESPN
36) Hewlett-Packard
37) Siemens
38) Audi
39) Gucci
40) IKEA
41) Nestle
42) Frito-Lay
43) Home Depot
44) UPS
45) Ford
46) Danone
47) Hermès
48) Fox
49) Accenture
50) Pampers
51) Zara
52) Wells Fargo
53) J.P. Morgan
54) Ebay
55) Kraft
56) Volkswagen
57) Caterpillar
58) Coach
59) Thomson Reuters
60) MasterCard
61) Starbucks
62) Chevrolet
63) Cartier
64) Colgate
65) Kellogg’s
66) Shell
67) Canon
68) Nissan
69) Prada
70) Adidas
71) Hyundai
72) Rolex
73) Lexus
74) Red Bull
75) Bank of America
76) Philips
77) John Deere
78) Allianz
79) Chanel
80) KIA Motors
81) Exxon Mobil
82) Santander
83) Heineken
84) Ralph Lauren
85) Subway
86) FedEx
87) RBC
88) Chase
89) Porsche
90) Lancome
91) LEGO
92) Ericsson
93) Goldman Sachs
94) Burberry
95) Sprite
96) Heinz
97) Boeing
98) Citi
99) MTV
100) Dell

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January 9 2015

Friday Phrases

Friday Phrases Logo
car insurance= KARNS
heart attack= HAURK
refresh your memory= RURM
did hear= DHAER or SDHAER
did you hear= DHAEUR or SDHAEUR
-hour period= HOURPD
when I returned= WHIRND
with regard= WRAR
with reference= WREFRNS
with reference to= WREFRNTS

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