February 8 2016

Medical Briefs From House: Season 1, Episode 2

House MD
clinic= KLIN
waiting room= WAIRM or WAIRMT
meningitis= MEN/JAO*ITS
tumor= TAOURM
specialist= SPIFT
iodine= AOIND
deficiency= DPIRBZ
cretinism= KRAOET/N*IFM
differential= D*IFRNL
diagnosis= D-GS
neurologists= NAOURLGTS
examine= X-
lesions= LAOEFNS
neurological= NAOUR/L-L
post traumatic= PRAUMT
post traumatic stress= PRAUMTS
post traumatic stress disorder= PRAUMTD
trauma= TRAUM
sexual abuse= SWBAOUS
concussion= KUNGS
ophthalmologist= MOLGT
twitch= TWIFP
myoclonic= MAOI/O*E/KLO*NG
respiration= R-RPGS
respiration rate= R-RPGTS
brain= BRAIN
pulse= PULS
asleep= SLAEP
awake= WOIK
muscles= MUFLS
disorder= DORD
wheelchair= WHAOEK or WHAOERK
degenerative= D-FNGT
paternity= PA/T*ERNT
nerve= NEFRB
leukoencephalopathy= LAOUK/O*E/EN/SEP/LOP/PA*ET or LAOU/KOE/EN/SEP/LOP/PA*ET
systemic= ST-M/*IK or ST-PBLG
conscious= KONS
polysomnograph= POIL/SOM/NOE/GRA*F
restraining= STRAENG
abnormalities= BORLTS
abnormal= BORL
meningeal= MEN/*IN/JAO*EL or MEN/NIN/JAO*EL
enhancement= KBHAMT
viral= VAOIRL
corpus callosum= KOR/P*US KA/LAOE/S*UM
interhemispheric= INT/HEMS/F*ERK
bowing= BOEG
pressure= PRERB
radionucleotide= RAO/NAOU/KLAOE/O*E/TAO*ID
cisternogram= SIS/TERN/O*E/GRA*M
blockage= BLOJ
injecting= N-JT/-G
surgery= SURG
ventricles= VEN/TRA/KA*LS
cerebrospinal= SA/RAOE/BROE/SPAO*INL
fluid= FLAOUD
swollen= SWOENL
fever= FAOEFR
glands= GLANDZ
vaccination= VAK/NA*IGS
pharmaceutical= SKAOULT
antibodies= AOINT/BO*EDZ
symptom= STOM
oligoclonal= OL/YI/GOE/KLO*ENL
intrathecal= SBRA/THAOE/KA*L
sclerosis= SKLOEZ
bowel= BOUL
bladder= BLAERD
dysfunction= SFUNGS
pain= PAIN
lumbar= LUM/BA*R
puncture= PURNGT
consulted= SKULTD
treatments= TRAOEMTS
viruses= VAOIRSZ
titers= TAO*IRTS
neurosyphilis= NAOUR/SIF/L*IS or NAOUR/S*IFLS
negative= NEF
penicillin= PLIN
intracranial= SBRA/KRA*INL
herniated= HERNT
shunt= SHUNT
syphilis= SIFLS
condition= K-N
diagnose= D-G
milligrams= MIL/GRA*MS
creatinine= KRAOE/AT/N*IN
diabetes= DAOIBTS
metabolic= MET/BL*IK
vasculitis= VAFK/LAO*ITS
neoplastic= NAOE/O*E/PLA*FK
inflammation= KBLAMGS
esophageal= AOE/SOF/JAO*EL
lateral= LARL
precordial= PRAOE/KORD/YA*L
epileptiform= EP/YI/LEPT/FO*RM
gonorrhea= GON/R*AE
positive= POF
encephalitis= EN/SEF/LAO*ITS
genetic= G*ENGT
biological= BL-L
cholesterol= KLES
blood pressure= BLAOPS
subacute= SUB/A/KAOUT
sclerosing= SKLA/ROE/SING
panencephalitis= PAN/EN/SEF/LAO*ITS
intraventricular= SBRA/VEN/TRIK/LA*R
interferon= INT/FER/O*N or INT/FER/RO*N
measles= MAOEFLS
biopsy= BAOIPZ
pupil= PAOUPL
paralyzed= PARLDZ
retina= RET/NA*
Ommaya= O/MAOI/YA*
catheter= KA*ERT
antiviral= AOINT/VAO*IRL
immune system= KBAOUMT
autosomal= AOT/SOE/MA*L

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