October 2 2017

Briefs, Phrases, and Legal Terminology From Boston Legal Season 1, Episode 12


how bad= HOUBD
is he= SE
brilliant= BRIL
litigation= LIGS
enormous= NAOERMS
where is= WR-S
administrative= MIF
what was= WHAFS
elevator= L-FRT
did I= SDI
I wouldn’t know= YAON
at the same time= TAIMT
you wanted= UPTD
to see= TOZ
summary judgment= SMAERJT
negligence= NEJS
intentional= SBENLGS
infliction= FLIX
memoranda= MAUMD
plead= PLAOED
amend= AMD
constructive= KRUFKT
appeal= AEP
liberty= LIBT
I’m sorry= AOIMS
one of them= WUFNLT
are you= RU
outstanding= OUS
busy= B-Z
punitive= PAOUFNT
cause of action= KAUX
superintendent= SPR-NT
what kind of= WHAOIFND
senior= S-R
curriculum= KLIM
terminated= TERMTD
nonsense= NAUNS
closing argument= KLAOUMT
reason= R-N
reviews= RAOUFS
to do= TAOD
psycho= SKOE
mistake= MAEK
skeletons= SKENLTS
excellent= XLENT
victim= VIM
bludgeoned= BLUJ/O*ND
neighbor= NAEB
trauma= TRAUM
promised= PROMD
news= NUS
argument= GAOUMT
woman= WOM
police= PLIS
she said= SHAOEDZ
hearsay= HAOERS
arguing= GAOUG
defense= D-FNS
evidence= AEFD
stealth= ST*ELT
dispatched= DPAFPD
representing= REPG
declaratory judgment= DLAIRT/JUMT
discharge= DARJ
sexual harassment= SWARMT
sexually harassing= SWARGS
geographic= G-FK
arrested= ARD
technicality= TEBLGT
convincing= KWINGS
inside= N-DZ
premeditated= PRAOEMTD
calculated= KLAITD
insignificant= SNIG
on the floor= OFL
first time= FIRMT
alive= LOIF
interrogate= SBROEGT
I don’t know= YON
intelligent= TEJ
design= SDAOIN
evolution= EFLGS
mutually= MAOUFPL
exclusive= XLAOUFS
natural= NARL
supreme court= SKORT
theory= THAOER
scientific= SAOIFKT
exude= XAOUD
incriminate= KRIMT
species= SPAOES
voluntary= VO
desperation= DPRAIGS
education= JAEGS
political= PLIL
agenda= JAEND
nonresponsive= N-RP or N-RPS
science= SAOINZ
apologized= JAOIDZ
fair statement= FAIRMT
from you= FRU
jurisdiction= JURD
deftly= DEFLT
indeed= N-D
condemn= KEM
demotion= DMOEGS
explicit= XLIFT
secretary= SEKT
suppressed= SPREFD
pollution= PLAOUGS
religion= R-J
religious= R-JS
debates= DB-TS
creation= KRAOEGS
legitimate= JIT
endorsement= SBORMT
incrimination= KRIMGS
democracy= DMOK
what do you mean= WHAOUM
you remember= URM
I remember= IRM
what happened= WHAPD
to the= TOT
misunderstanding= MUNGD
common sense= KMONZ
also= L-S
I am= IM
squeezing= SQAOEGZ
out of= OUF
lawsuits= LAUTS
ridiculous= KAOULS
allegiance= LAOEJS
violate= VAOILT
good luck= GLUK
tonight= TONT
in fact= N-FT
profoundly= PROFNLD
what do you mean= WHAOUM
cigars= SGARS
official= FIRBL
evolved= EFLD
is it= ST-
advocacy= DWOEKZ
sexually harass= SWARS

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