November 29 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Daredevil- Season 3, Episode 12

Daredevil Season 3 Episode 12
haunted= HAUNTD
towels= TOULD
married= MAERD
curled= K*URLD
bathtub= BA*T/T*UB
represent= REP
spa= SPA
restaurants= STRAUNTS
champagne= SHAM/PA*IN
curate= KAOUR/RA*IT
collection= KLEX
display= DPLAI
throughout= THROUT
hotel= HOELT
suite= SWAO*ET
no need= NOFRN
same side= SAIMDZ
distant= SDANT
Behar= BA/HA*R
airports= AIRPTS
define= DPAOIN
window= WID
retirement= RIRMT
no, sir= NOS
ignore= GOR
viral= VAOIRL
campaign= KPAIN
refuse= R-FS
election= LEZ
book= BAOK
airport= AIRPT
Wilson= WIL/SO*N
Nelson= NEL/SO*N
leverage= LEFRJ
withdraw= WRAU
endorse= SBORS
extra= XRA
testifying= TEFG
sister-in-law= ST-RL
health insurance= HURNS
accessory= SKOIR
toys= TOIS
over the= O*EFRT
whistle= WH*IFLT
average= AFRJ
federal= FRAL
immunity= KBAOUNT
if I have= F*IF
amendment= AEMD
waive= WAIF
conflicts= KIKTS
agenda= JAEND
in this case= NIK
prosecution= PR-GS
what you know= WHAUN
anything else= NILGS
interfered= SB-FRD
convene= KWAO*EN
grand jury= GR-J
straightforward= STRAIFRD
homicides= HOMS
million= M-L
testimony= T-M
larceny= LARS
corruption= KRUPGS
law enforcement officer= LAUFRMT
last night= LAFNT
jail time= JAILT
governorship= GOFRP
and I need to= SKPIFRNTD
and I need= SKPIFRN
flights= FLAOITS
famished= FAM/*IRBD
bothering= BOERG
bodyguards= BOERGDZ
riverfront= RIFR/FRO*NT
lonely= LOENL
dramatically= DRAUMT/LI
problematic= BLEM/MA*KT
eliminated= L*IMD
ultimate= ULT
resignation= REFNGS
indicted= DAOITD
sauerkraut= SOUR/KRA*UT
habit= HABT
mustard= MUS/TA*RD
knish= KA/N*IRB
do you have= DOUF
impression= KBREGS
I don’t have to= YOFTD
exclusive= XLAOUFS
Ellison= EL/SO*N
silence= SLENS
pleasure= PLERB
did you find= SDUFND
last time= LAFMT
perhaps= PRAPS
arrange= ARNG
ma’am= MAM
courthouse= KHOUS
ask you= SKU
building= BL-G
absolutely= SLUL
condition= K-N
arraignment= AERNT
goodbye= GAOIB
affirm= AFRM
penalties= PENLTS
perjury= PEJ
convincing= KWINGS
behavior= BAIFR
Sara= SA/RA*
address= DRAES
jurors= JAORS
indict= DAOIT
leadership= LOIP
pursue= PRAOU
continue= T-N
readership= RAERD/SH*IP
persuaded= PRAED/-D
remain= RAIM
with her= WHER
admire= DMAOIR
inside= N-DZ
yes, ma’am= YEM

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