February 4 2019

Medical Briefs From House: Season 1, Episode 11

House Season 1 Episode 11
pharmaceuticals= FARLS
Vicodin= VAOIK/D*IN
internal= SBERNL
bleeding= BLAOEGD
pain medication= PAIMGS
hemolytic= HAOEM/L*IKT
blood cells= BLAOLS
anemia= A/NAOEM/YA*
meds= M*EDZ
meningitis= MEN/JAO*ITS
haptoglobin= HAP/TOE/GLOE/B*IN
serum= SERM
bilirubin= BIL/YI/RAOUB/*IN
heart= HART
valve= VAFL
differential= D*IFRNL
infection= N-FX
fever= FAOEFR
lupus= LAOUP/*US
cancer= KAERN
lymphoma= LIM/FOE/MA*
radioimmunoassay= RAO/KBAOUN/O*E/A/SA*I
pharmacist= FARMT
chakra= SHOK/RA*
infarction= IN/FARGS
detoxing= DAOE/TOX/-G
nausea= NAUS/YA*
narcotics= NARKTS
clinic= KLIN
blood system= BLAOFMT
negative= NEF
radioactive= RAO/T*IF
isotope= AOIS/TO*EP
inflammation= KBLAMGS
body= BOED
joint= JOINT
sensitivity= SNEFT
rashes= RARBS
diagnosed= D-GD
allergic= LERJ
immune system= KBAOUFMT
circulatory system= SL-RTS or SLAERTS
circulatory= SL-RT or SLAERT
positive= POF
treatable= TRAOEBL
pancreatic= PAIN/KRAO*EKT
lymph= L*IFRP
abdominal= ABL
cells= KRELS
gallium= GAL/Y*UM
hematocrit= HAOE/MAT/KR*IT
oxygen= SHEN
suffocate= SUFKT
lungs= LUNGS
eye= AOI
retinal= RET/NA*L
clot= KLOT
surgery= SURG
diagnosis= D-GS
platelet= PLAIT/-LT
tachycardia= TAK/YI/KARD/YA*
withdrawal= WRAUL
symptoms= STOMS
depression= DPREFGS
side effects= SFEKTS
insomnia= IN/SOM/YA*
biopsy= BAOIPZ
cardiac= KARKD
arteries= AERTS
echocardiograph= EK/O*E/KR-F
antibiotics= AEBTS
masseuse= MA/SAO*US
blood clot= BLAOKT
massage= MAFJ
diagnostic= D-GT
dosage= DOEFJ
kidneys= KAOENDZ
kidney= KAOEND
transplant= TRAPLT
numb= NUM
pressure= PRERB
organ= GORN
hepatitis= HEP/TAO*ITS
Cytoxan= SAOI/TOX/A*N
plasmapheresis= PLAS/MA/FER/RAO*EZ
treatment= TRAOEMT
deteriorate= DRAET
medical school= MAOL
solumedrol= SOL/AOU/MED/RO*L
hep= H*EP
blood tests= BLAOTS
hepatitis= HEPTS
angiography= ANG/YOE/GRA*EF
stat= STAT
hypovolemic= HOIP/VOE/LAOEM/*EUBG
hemodynamic= HAOEM/O*E/DAO*ING
psychosis= SKOEZ
hallucinating= HAOULGT
hallucination= HAOULGS
orifice= OR/F*IS
blood type= BLAOP
transfusions= TRANZ/FAOUGSZ
lupoid= LAOU/PO*ID
naphthalene= NAF/LAO*EN
immunosuppressant= KBAOUN/O*E/SPR*EFNT
naphthalene= NAF/LAO*EN
autopsy= AUPZ
poison= POIFN
poisoning= POIFNG
calories= KAL/RAO*ES

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