March 11 2019

Medical Briefs From House: Season 1, Episode 12

House Season 1 Episode 12
osteopenia= OFT/YOE/PAOEN/YA*
tumors= TAOURMS
kidney= KAOEND
cancer= KAERN
steroids= STERDZ
urine= AOURN
morphine= MOFRN
opiates= OEP/YA*ITS
oncology= ON/KO*LG
corneas= KORN/YA*S
constipation= SKPAIGS
nitrous= NAOI/TR*US
oxide= XAOID
dentist= D-NTS
proteins= PRAOENS
amyloidosis= AM/LOI/DO*EZ
lymphoma= LIM/FOE/MA*
biopsy= BAOIPZ
abdominal= ABL
biochemists= BAOI/O*E/KH*EMTS
Lupron= LAOU/PRO*N
hypogonadism= HOIP/GOE/NAD/IFM
calcium= KALS/Y*UM
respiratory= RERPT
placebo= PLAEFB
impaired= KBAIRD
testosterone= TES/TOS/T*ERN
arsenic= ARS/N*IK
mercury= MERK/RAO*E
testicle= TEFT/KA*L
Addison= AD/SO*N
Addison’s= AD/SO*N
gallbladders= GAUL/BLA*ERD
muscle= MUFL
forehead= FHED
rectal= REK/TA*L
pregnant= PREG
condition= K-N
abortion= BORGS
terminates= TERMTS
fetus= FAOETS
chest= KHEFT
tachycardia= TAK/YI/KARD/YA*
insulin= SLIN
potassium= POE/TA*FM
crash cart= KRARBT
atropine= AT/TRO/PAO*EM
Kayexalate= KAI/EX/LA*IT
stabilize= STAIBLZ
stable= STAIBL
migraine= MAOIRNG
digitalis= DIJT/*IS
swelling= SWELG
prescription= PRIPGS
hallucinate= HAOULT
hallucination= HAOULGS
suicide= SWAOID
breathing= BRAO*EGT
diapers= DAOIRPS
abort= BORT
healthy= HOILT
cadmium= KAD/MAOE/Y*UM
testes= TES/TAO*ES

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