March 19 2021

Briefs and Phrases From The Falcon and The Winter Soldier: Season 1 Episode 1

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier S1 Ep1
someone else’s= SW*UNLS
someone else= SWUNLS
subtle= SULT
intel= SBEL
did you see= SDUZ
windshield= WIRBLD
call it= KA*ULT
glitchy= GLOIFP
Arabic= AR/B*IK
online= AONL
Washington= WARB/WARB
courageous= KURJS
righteous= RAOIRBS
stoically= STOIBLG
mantle= MANLT
alliance= LAOINZ
half hour= HAUF
nightmares= NAOIRMTS
did something= SD-FNG
condition= K-N
notebook= NOEKT
illegal= ILG
convict= VIKT
remember me= RERM
amends= AMDZ
give me= GIFM
nurture= NAOURT
absurd= AURBD
adventurous= DWURZ
pinochle= PAOE/N*UBLG
consulting= SKULGT
talk to= TAUKTD
consolidate= SKLOD
circulation= SL-GS
siblings= SIBLGS
widower= DWOR
widow= DWO
orphan= OFRN
recipes= SKPAOEZ
video games= VAOGS
under arrest= NARZ
avenger= A*FRJ
financials= F-NLS
indict= DAOIT
orbital= ORBLT

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