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Dec 01

Rules Of Grammar: The Serial Comma

I, for one, am pro-serial comma. How about you?

Jul 17

Rules Of Grammar: What Is A Comma Splice?

A comma splice incorrectly connects independent clauses with a comma. Here are some examples from the Purdue OWL Engagement website: Comma Splice: My family bakes together nearly every night, we then get to enjoy everything we make together. •Correction 1: My family bakes together nearly every night. We then get to enjoy everything we make …

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May 14

Theory Thursday: Briefs For Punctuation

.= FPLT ?= STPH ,= RBGS := FPLT/FPLT ;= SK-RBGS (= STPHFPLT )= STPHFPLT/STPHFPLT -= H-N /= OI &= M*PD ‘= AE ‘s= AES “= Q-GS (open quotes) “= Q-GS/Q-GS (closed quotes) @= A*T or AT/AT

Apr 03

Rules Of Grammar: April Fools Day, April Fool’s Day, Or April Fools’ Day

According to “A Copywriter’s Blog,” the correct way to write the term is: April Fools’ Day. According to Wikipedia: “The earliest recorded association between 1 April and foolishness can be found in Geoffrey Chaucer’s ‘The Canterbury Tales’ (1392).”

Jun 19

Rules Of Grammar: Backslash vs. Forward Slash

Backslash: \ (leans backwards) Forward slash: / (leans forward) The use of the term “backslash,” in regards to citing a website address, is a commonly accepted error. Website addresses are actually composed of forward slashes. However, backslashes are used in reference to directories and file paths in Windows. Forward slashes are also known as just …

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Aug 01

The Importance of Punctuation

“Just look at the difference between these two love notes: My Dear Pat, The dinner we shared the other night- it was absolutely lovely! Not in my wildest dreams could I ever imagine anyone as perfect as you are. Could you- if only for a moment- think of our being together forever? What a cruel …

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