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Jul 25

Rules Of Grammar: Altogether vs. All Together

Altogether means entirely. All together means all in a group. For example: He is altogether too smart to do something so reckless. The books are all together on the table. Machine Briefs: altogether= AULGT all together= AUL/TOGT

Jul 24


“Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.” -Martin Luther King, Jr. Love, Speed & Accuracy, Elsie Villega

Jul 23

Week 28: 13,000 Words in 2013 Dictionary Challenge

Week 28: 177 Week 27: 551 Week 26: 764 Week 25: 367 Week 24: 1288 Week 23: 401 Week 22: 266 Week 21: 249 Week 20: 679 Week 19: 746 Week 18: 261 Week 17: 255 Week 16: 272 Week 15: 507 Week 14: 280 Week 13: 264 Week 12: 265 Week 11: 680 Week …

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Jul 23

Legal Vocabulary: Replevin

Replevin is “the right to bring a lawsuit for recovery of goods improperly taken by another.” Machine Briefs: Option #1: replevin= RE/PLEFN Option #2: replevin= RAOE/PLEFN Option #3: replevin= RE/PLEF/*IN

Jul 22

Medical Monday: Carotid

Carotid is defined as “of, relating to, or being the chief artery or pair of arteries that pass up the neck and supply the head.” Machine Briefs: Option #1: carotid= KAR/RA/TID Option #2: carotid= KA/RA/TID Option #3: carotid= KAR/A/TID Option #4: carotid= KROT/ID Option #5: carotid= KROT/*ID Option #6: carotid= KROTD

Jul 21

Court Reporters At Work

The court reporters who covered the Casey Anthony trial discuss their jobs, and working on a high profile case.

Jul 21

Careers For Stenographers

In this video, the stenographers show the different fields to which their skills may be applied.

Jul 19

Court Reporter Spotted: Righteous Kill

Righteous Kill

Jul 19

Friday Phrases

off and on= FAON up and down= POUN in and out= NOUT back and forth= BO*RT for or against= FORG for and against= FARG between you and me= TWAOUM in and about= NABT in and of itself= NAFTS first and foremost= FIFRMT each and every= AOEFR each and every time= AOEFRT each and every element= …

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Jul 18

Dictionary Builder: Splenectic

Splenetic means given to melancholy; spiteful; bad-tempered. Machine Briefs: Option #1: spelenectic= SPLEN/*ET/*IK Option #2: spelenectic= SPLEN/EKT Option #3: spelenectic= SPLENGT Option #4: spelenectic= SPL*ENGT

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