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Jul 27

The Rules Of Deliberate Practice

According to the book, “Grit,” written by, Angela Duckworth, there are four requirements for deliberate practice. They are as follows: 1) A clearly defined stretch goal. 2) Full concentration and effort. 3) Immediate and informative feedback. 4) Repetition with reflection and refinement.

Aug 14

Medical Terminology Study Guide

Medical Terminology Quick Study

I recently picked up this medical terminology study guide from a discount store for a few dollars. I love it. It has a fold-out of 6 pages that organizes medical terminology words, prefixes, and suffixes in a manner that makes it easy to study.

Jun 02

I Love Steno The Student Edition: How Relaxation Helps Your Memory

When your body feels stress, it releases the hormone cortisol. When your cortisol levels are high, your memory is adversely affected. High stress levels are accompanied by lowered concentration levels, and a lowered ability to retain and recall information. Therefore, take a deep breath and try to be as relaxed as possible while you are …

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Sep 03

I Love Steno: The Student Edition- Great Practice For Theory Students!

A great way for theory and low-speed students to practice is to write to “Learn to Speak English” audio recordings and videos. This is such a great way to practice because the speakers are usually speaking at a fairly slow and steady pace due to the fact that they are trying to teach someone to …

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Nov 02

Lady Steno’s Tips For Remembering Briefs