July 25 2014

Friday Phrases

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for a long time= FLONGT
going to object= GOBT
financial statement= FNL
all of us= AUFLS
all right, sir= LRTS
also known as= SNOENS
are you sure= RUZ
are you willing= RULG
are you willing to= RULGT
are you willing to say= RULGTS

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July 23 2014

I Love Steno: The Student Edition- Working On Speed & Accuracy? Get Your Emotions In Check

Going through court reporting school can evoke a cornucopia of feelings and emotions. It’s important to enjoy the ride and put anything that may be causing you stress into a perspective that makes it manageable for you. Remember, everyday is progress! Everyday you commit to bettering your skill is a step forward, no matter what the present results may be.

There is a direct correlation between how you “feel” about being in school and about learning your new skill, and how effectively you learn. There have been many studies on this topic. According to, “How The Brain Learns,” “How a person ‘feels’ about a learning situation determines the amount of attention devoted to it. Emotions interact with reason to support or inhibit learning.” Scientists have also proven that stress can affect your ability to retain information and learn. “How The Brain Learns” also states, “The hippocampus is susceptible to stress hormones that can inhibit cognitive functioning and long-term memory.”

Trying to pass that speed test or master your theory? Relax!!!! Go enjoy your favorite activity. Exhale!!!! Don’t look at the learning process as a burden. Don’t look at it as something you can’t wait to be done with. Enjoy it, and revel in all of its twists and turns! Practice, practice, practice; then, treat yourself to a fun activity or outing.

Love, Speed & Accuracy,

Elsie Villega

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July 18 2014

Friday Phrases

in particular= KBLAR
in particular the= KBLART
cardiac arrest= KAURKT
care and treatment= KAIRMT
crime of passion= KROFPGS
criminal informant= KRIFNT or KRIFRMT
criminal information= KRIFGS
criminal lawyer= KLAUR

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