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Jul 25

Friday Phrases

for a long time= FLONGT going to object= GOBT financial statement= FNL all of us= AUFLS all right, sir= LRTS also known as= SNOENS are you sure= RUZ are you willing= RULG are you willing to= RULGT are you willing to say= RULGTS

Jul 23

Legal Vocabulary: Adduce

To adduce is to “present or introduce evidence in a case.” Machine Brief: adduce= A/DAOUS

Jul 23


“Study without desire spoils the memory, and it retains nothing that it takes in.” -Leonardo da Vinci Love, Speed & Accuracy, Elsie Villega

Jul 23

I Love Steno: The Student Edition- Working On Speed & Accuracy? Get Your Emotions In Check

Going through court reporting school can evoke a cornucopia of feelings and emotions. It’s important to enjoy the ride and put anything that may be causing you stress into a perspective that makes it manageable for you. Remember, everyday is progress! Everyday you commit to bettering your skill is a step forward, no matter what …

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Jul 22

Steno Foodie: Crab Platter

Steno Foodie Crab

Crab legs, crab scampi, grilled shrimp covered with crabmeat, broccoli, and mashed potatoes.

Jul 22

Random Briefs

gunpoint= G-PT lifelong= LAOIFLG or LAOIFNG uncover= NOFR undercover= NOEFR undercover officer= NOIFR requisite= R-KT perquisite= PR-KT obese= OEBS obesity= OEBT

Jul 21

Medical Monday: Corpuscle

Corpuscle is defined as, “A living cell; especially, one (as a red or white blood cell or a cell in cartilage or bone) not aggregated into continuous tissues.” Machine Briefs: Option #1: corpuscle= KOR/PUS/KLE Option #2: corpuscle= KOR/PUS/KAL

Jul 18

Coming Soon…Steno Gadgets & Accessories

Steno Gadgets & Accessories Logo

Jul 18

Coming Soon…Steno Style

Steno Style Logo

Jul 18

Friday Phrases

in particular= KBLAR in particular the= KBLART cardiac arrest= KAURKT care and treatment= KAIRMT crime of passion= KROFPGS criminal informant= KRIFNT or KRIFRMT criminal information= KRIFGS criminal lawyer= KLAUR

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