March 14 2016

Medical Monday: Catalepsy

Catalepsy is defined as follows: “A medical condition characterized by a trance or seizure with a loss of sensation and consciousness accompanied by rigidity of the body.”

Machine Briefs:

Option #1: catalepsy= KAT/TA/L*EPZ
Option #2: catalepsy= KAT/TA/LEPS/S*I
Option #3: catalepsy= KAT/TA/LEPS/SAO*E
Option #4: catalepsy= KAT/TA/LEPS/YI
Option #5: catalepsy= KAT/TA/LEPZ
Option #6: catalepsy= KAT/TA/LEP/S*I
Option #7: catalepsy= KAT/TA/LEP/SAO*E
Option #8: catalepsy= KAT/L*EPZ
Option #9: catalepsy= KAT/LEPS/S*I
Option #10: catalepsy= KAT/LEPS/SAO*E
Option #11: catalepsy= KAT/LEPS/YI
Option #12: catalepsy= KAT/LEP/S*I
Option #13: catalepsy= KAT/LEP/SAO*E
Option #14: catalepsy= KAT/A/LEPS/S*I
Option #15: catalepsy= KAT/A/LEPS/SAO*E
Option #16: catalepsy= KAT/A/LEPS/YI
Option #17: catalepsy= KAT/A/LEPZ
Option #18: catalepsy= KAT/A/LEP/S*I
Option #19: catalepsy= KAT/A/LEP/SAO*E
Option #20: catalepsy= KAT/TA/L*EPZ
Option #21: catalepsy= KA/TA/LEPS/S*I
Option #22: catalepsy= KA/TA/LEPS/SAO*E
Option #23: catalepsy= KA/TA/LEPS/YI
Option #24: catalepsy= KA/TA/LEPZ
Option #25: catalepsy= KA/TA/LEP/S*I
Option #26: catalepsy= KA/TA/LEP/SAO*E

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March 13 2016

Steno Perfection

I Love Steno Logo (Cropped)“Perfection is the ultimate addiction.” -Janice Dickinson

I believe that most stenographers are perfectionists. After all, what other type of personality would dedicate so many hours to mastering a skill that requires so much precision.

In our quest for flawless writing, we must remember not to be too hard on ourselves. The fun is in the journey.

Love, Speed, and Accuracy,

Elsie Villega

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March 11 2016

Friday Phrases

Friday Phrases Logo
come a time= KOIM
came a time= KO*IM
care and treatment= KAIRMT
medical treatment= MAOEMT
medical care= MAERK
please, sir= PLAOERS or PLAOEFS
please, ma’am= PLAOEMS or PLAOEFM
take the stand= TAND
turning point= TURNGT

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March 7 2016

Legal Vocabulary: Culpa

Culpa is defined by The Free Dictionary as: “A civil law term that implies that certain conduct is actionable. The word ‘culpa’ is applied to acts of commission and omission in both tort and contract cases. It implies the failure to perform a legally imposed duty, or negligence.”

Machine Brief:

culpa= KUL/PA*

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March 7 2016

Medical Monday: Diathermy

Diathermy is defined by Oxford Dictionary as follows: “A medical and surgical technique involving the production of heat in a part of the body by high-frequency electric currents, to stimulate the circulation, relieve pain, destroy unhealthy tissue, or cause bleeding vessels to clot.”

Machine Briefs:

OPTION #1: diathermy= DAOI/A/THERM/YI
OPTION #2: diathermy= DAOI/A/THERM/M*I
OPTION #3: diathermy= DAOI/A/THERM/MAO*E
OPTION #4: diathermy= DAOI/THERM/YI
OPTION #5: diathermy= DAOI/THERM/M*I
OPTION #6: diathermy= DAOI/THERM/MAO*E

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March 7 2016

Steno Style: The Perfect All-Black Carryall Bag

All Black CarryallI’ve searched far and wide for the perfect all-black carryall: Not too small, not too large, not too flashy, practical, a bunch of extra compartments and pockets, sturdily strapped, roomy enough for machine and extras; and I think, I finally found it.

The above-pictured Steve Madden bag seems to be perfect to tote machine, tripod, and all the accompanying reporter doodads. Today is my first day using it. Being that it will be “Steno In The Park” weather this week, I’m sure I’ll have a bunch of opportunities to see how durable it is.

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